Exploring the timeless elegance of Rani Sipri Roza: A jewel in Ahmedabad's architectural crown

Exploring the timeless elegance of Rani Sipri Roza: A jewel in Ahmedabad's architectural crown

Commissioned by and named after Rani Sipri, the wife of Sultan Mahmud Begada, the mosque is known as the Masjid-e-Nagina.

Situated near the Astodia Gate of Ahmedabad's historic walled city, Rani Sipri Roza showcases the city's rich architectural and cultural heritage. The mosque with the tomb complex is also known as Masjid-e-Nagina, or the Jewel of a Mosque. It is a captivating blend of Islamic and Hindu architectural styles.

History of the mosque 

The mosque was commissioned by Queen Subha Rai, renowned as Rani Sipri or Rani Asni, the wife of Sultan Mahmud Begada. The structure reflects the queen's enduring legacy and the intriguing story behind its creation.

It is believed that she ordered the construction of the mosque and mausoleum following her husband's decision to execute their son for a wrongdoing.

The structure 

The mosque is a rectangular marvel, its east side opening onto a paved square and adorned with ornate minarets that rise gracefully above the roof. Inside, a prayer hall with two aisles unfolds, marked by rows of intricately carved pillars. The back wall boasts mihrabs indicating the direction of prayer, while ornate windows allow light to filter into the sacred space.

Opposite the mosque, across the square to the east, lies the tomb of Rani Sipri. A square pavilion with a central domed chamber surrounded by an ambulatory, the tomb is a masterpiece of architectural finesse. Twelve pillars support the central dome, creating an enchanting visual symphony.

The ambulatory, adorned with jali work, features four smaller domes covering its corners. Doors open on the west and south sides, inviting visitors to explore the inner sanctum. The tomb holds historical significance, as it is believed to shelter the final resting place of Queen Subha Rai.

Knock Knock!

Despite the challenges posed by road expansions, the ensemble remains a captivating architectural gem. The mosque and mausoleum ensemble, encapsulated by intricate latticed screens and adorned with Hindu carvings, has earned praise from renowned scholars like James Fergusson, who described it as one of the most exquisite buildings globally.

Visitors can unlock the secrets of history by asking the caretaker to reveal the dark and dusty room containing the queen's tomb, providing a glimpse into the past and the enduring beauty of Rani Sipri Roza.

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