Extensive upgrade for traffic systems in Ahmedabad; e-challans to be issued for 16 violations

Extensive upgrade for traffic systems in Ahmedabad; e-challans to be issued for 16 violations

The new and improved system which is expected to start from April 1 is sure to keep drivers on their toes and improve road safety for all.

With the growth of digitisation, traffic challans are now being issued digitally with the help of the new Electronic Challan (e-challan) System. The introduction of the e-challan system has helped the authorities by allowing efficient detection of violations and more adherence to traffic laws by the public.

Presently, the Ahmedabad Traffic Police department has limited access to the system, under which e-challans can only be issued for three traffic rule violations. Reportedly, the authority will soon be able to issue e-challans for as many as 16 different traffic violations against the flouters. Furthermore, this upgraded facility is expected to start from April 1.

E-challans to be issued for 16 traffic rule violations

A total of 6,500 CCTV cameras have been installed along roadways to monitor the flow of traffic, with 130 of these cameras are being utilized for the purpose of issuing e-challans in order to ensure compliance with traffic. Currently, e-challans are issued for violation of traffic signal, overstepping of stop line and not wearing helmets on two-wheelers.

In addition to these, the e-challans will also be issued for people who are found:

  • carrying extra passengers in autorickshaws/on the driver seat of autorickshaws

  • not using seat belts

  • obstructive parking in no parking zones

  • driving in BRTS lanes

  • overspeeding

  • violating red light or stop line at a traffic junction

  • carrying more than two passengers on a two-wheeler

  • using mobile phones while driving

  • using fancy number plates

  • using tinted glasses

  • lane violation

  • improper parking in any area

  • violation of prohibitory notification in heavy vehicles

Upgradation of e-challan systems also underway

Owing to the same, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is in talks with a smart city company for the upgradation of e-challan systems. A tender has been issued to enhance the traffic management system, enabling the issuance of e-challans for all the aforementioned violations of 16 traffic rules captured on CCTV cameras.

-With inputs from TNN

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