Feast like Sultan Ahmed Shah! Head to Ahmedabad's 600-YO Bhatiyar Gali, serving meaty delights
Engr Maqbool Akram

Feast like Sultan Ahmed Shah! Head to Ahmedabad's 600-YO Bhatiyar Gali, serving meaty delights

Time-tested tastes: Ahmedabad's culinary tapestry unraveled!

Ahmedabad boasts a treasure trove of culinary wonders that have endured through the ages. Tucked away amidst the Teen Darwaza area lies Bhatiyar Gali, a modest alley resonating with centuries-old recipes and culinary tales. Here, amidst the tantalising aroma of spices, one can catch a glimpse of the flavours the city's founder, Sultan Ahmed Shah, might have relished centuries ago.

Here, the sultan's culinary preferences live on through the bhathiyaras -- expert cooks who have inherited ancient recipes and techniques. Among these recipes, is the celebrated Jobanmati Khichdi - a sumptuous blend of minced mutton curry and rice topped with eggs, once favoured by the royal court.

600-year-old tradition of non-vegetarian cuisine

Bhatiyar Gali, named after the 'Bhathiyara' cooks who initially served weary travelers, has evolved into a bustling street food hub. Today, it stands as a living relic of Ahmedabad's past, run by the esteemed Bawarchi community, whose lineage dates back to the city's inception.

This culinary haven boasts a 600-year-old tradition of non-vegetarian delights, including the famous Bera Samosa, Tava-Biryani, Chicken Angaar, and Keema Samosas. Each dish is a testament to centuries-old expertise, evoking nostalgia and adventure with every bite.

Amidst this rich tapestry of flavors, the beloved Jobanmati Khichdi remains a staple, cherished by Ahmedabad's foodie community. And for vegetarians, there's the delightful Funtoosh Pulao, a playful twist on the traditional biryani, crafted with cauliflower, peas, and carrots.

Knock Knock!

Engr Maqbool Akram

These dishes aren't just food; they're stories woven into Ahmedabad's vibrant culinary culture, inviting you to savour the city's rich history with every bite.

Whether you're exploring Bhatiyar Gali or indulging in its iconic dishes, you're partaking in a legacy that celebrates the fusion of tradition and innovation, keeping Ahmedabad's illustrious past alive and thriving.

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