Feb 7 News Roundup| Lotus Park near SG Highway, Ahmedabad Police to use sound level meters & more

Feb 7 News Roundup| Lotus Park near SG Highway, Ahmedabad Police to use sound level meters & more

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From Ahmedabad Police using digital sound level meters to tackle noise pollution, to the construction of a Lotus Park near SG Highway, to extension of Kolhapur-Ahmedabad Express to Rajkot, and more, here's all the latest news from Ahmedabad. Read on:

1. Ahmedabad Police to combat noise pollution with digital sound level meters 

After numerous complaints about elevated noise levels in Ahmedabad, the Gujarat High Court has now instructed the city police to use digital sound level meters for monitoring and addressing noise pollution. The police force has been provided with 53 of these devices and is currently undergoing training on their proper usage.

Once in use, these sound level meters will assist in measuring excessive decibels from loudspeakers, firecrackers, DJs, and persistent honking, enabling law enforcement to take action against those responsible for causing noise pollution.

2. Extension of Kolhapur- Ahmedabad Express to Rajkot

In a recent press release, Western Railway has unveiled its plans to extend six trains on the Ahmedabad-Rajkot route. Notably, the Kolhapur-Ahmedabad Express will now continue its journey until Rajkot. The weekly train, departing from Kolhapur every Saturday at 1:25 PM and reaching Ahmedabad on Sunday at 7:40 AM, will extend its route starting February 16th, arriving at Rajkot station at 12 PM.

Other routes like Patna-Ahmedabad, Prayagraj-Ahmedabad, Nagpur-Ahmedabad, Nizamuddin-Ahmedabad, and Kolkata-Ahmedabad will also be extended to Rajkot.

3. 'Lotus Park, Garland of India' coming up near SG Highway

After the success of this year’s Flower Show, the civic body has introduced the 'Lotus Park, Garland of India' in the annual budget. This lotus-shaped garden, estimated at Rs 20 crore, will be constructed near SG Highway. It will be adorned with flowers from across the nation and the world.

Spanning 25,000 sq meters, the park will utilize modern technology to regulate temperature, humidity, and other factors. The project aims to operate on a net-zero energy concept, encompassing public amenities and parking facilities.

4. Double season spurs rise in respiratory cases

Ahmedabad is witnessing an upswing in medical emergencies, particularly cases of breathlessness, high fever, and headaches, attributed to the changing seasons. EMRI-108 data reveals a 16 percent increase in breathlessness cases and a 30 percent surge in high fever cases in the state from October to January.

The double season, coupled with air pollution, has contributed to an increase in colds, coughs, pneumonia, bronchitis, especially in children.

5. Weather Update

Partly cloudy weather has prevailed in some areas of Ahmedabad and the state, providing relief from the sudden onset of heat due to atmospheric humidity. Over the next three days, a one to two-degree drop in temperatures across Gujarat is expected, attributed to changes in wind speed and direction, as stated by the Meteorological Department.

No significant change in temperature is anticipated, and the forecast rules out the possibility of rain.

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