Flight and hotel prices reach new heights ahead of India-Pakistan match in Ahmedabad

Flight and hotel prices reach new heights ahead of India-Pakistan match in Ahmedabad

World Cup matches scheduled to take place in Ahmedabad spur inflation in the city's flight fares and hotel prices.

Following the release of the ICC World Cup schedule, excitement has reached fever pitch for the much-anticipated India-Pakistan match on October 15, along with the opening and final matches at Ahmedabad's Narendra Modi Stadium. However, this surge in enthusiasm has had an unintended consequence, with hotel prices and flight fares skyrocketing in response to the overwhelming demand.

Airfares to Ahmedabad soar up to 350%

As news of the World Cup matches spread, hotels in Ahmedabad experienced an unprecedented surge in booking inquiries from across the country. This surge in demand has led to a significant increase in hotel rates, leaving many potential visitors astounded.

Furthermore, airfares to Ahmedabad have now reached record-high prices, soaring up to 350% from major cities in India. Cricket fans, important dignitaries, and sponsors wasted no time in securing their accommodations and transportation well in advance, exacerbating the surge in fares.

Shockingly, a round trip from Chennai to Ahmedabad now costs a staggering Rs 45,425 per person for non-stop flights, even when booked three months ahead of time. Comparatively, on an ordinary day, the same journey would cost a mere (in comparison) Rs 10,000 for a round trip.

Even nearby destinations like Mumbai and Delhi have not been spared from the surge, witnessing a substantial increase in airfare prices. Despite discussions surrounding the potential relocation of the matches, the prices continue to increase.

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