For the travelling foodies: 7 must try local dishes in Ahmedabad

For the travelling foodies: 7 must try local dishes in Ahmedabad

Ready your tastebuds, you're in Ahmedabad!

Wherever you go in India, there's always a range of delicious local dishes on offer. Lucknow has Kebabs and Mumbai has Vada Pav while Goa has its Fish Curry. But what about Ahmedabad? Well, the city where people are so fond of tasteful delicacies wasn't going to fall behind with this one, was it?

Now you're probably guessing Fafda Jalebi but that's definitely not it. The list goes expands even further. So, read on to check out 7 must-try local dishes in Ahmedabad!


This thin round-shaped cracker of sorts is as crunchy as it is delicious. Available in a variety of flavors like jeera, bajra, methi and more, this gem from the Gujarati cuisine works best as breakfast or a snack. If you have a sweet tooth, apply some fruit jam over it or have it with pickle. Either way, your taste buds are going to thank you!

Fafda Jalebi

A bit of sugar, a bit of spice. Fafda Jalebi is up there when it comes to must-try local dishes in Ahmedabad. The contrast of taste on your plate here is a chaos you'll love to relish. Also, streets of Ahmedabad are full of places that serve this delicious local delight for breakfast or as a snack. Get yourself a hot beverage with this one to take the taste up a notch.

Khaman Dhokla

Khaman Dhokla or simply Khaman is a soft and fluffy delight sprinkled with coriander leaves or shredded coconut for flavor. It's punchy taste and the spongy texture make it a favorite of Amdavadis. And it comes in a range of flavors like masala khaman, dal khaman and so on. Take a tour of Ahmedabad and you'll find countless outlets serving this treat.


A mix of sweet and spice nestled between soft bun pav, Dabeli is a true foodie's delight for any time of day. Different eateries in Ahmedabad serve their own variety of this treat and as far as we are concerned, you're going to relish every one of the variations. What's more? It is as yummy as it is filling.

Dal Vada

Are you a fan a pakodas? If yes, you're going to absolutely love this crispy snack. Ginger, garlic, green chillies and a slew of spices make Dal Vada go well with hot beverages like tea and coffee. Whichever side of the spectrum you may be on when it comes to these rival beverages, you're all going to be on the side of the delicious Dal Vada.


Enjoyed best as a tea time snack with some green chutney, Handvo is both mouthwatering and healthy. Filled with fresh vegetables and sprinkled with curry leaves and sesame seeds for flavor, Handvo is a must-try if you want to try something other than the omnipresent khamans and fafda jaldebi.

Sev Puri

Crunchy flat puris with tomato, onions, chutneys and lots of sev on it, the famous Sev Puri in Ahmedabad is what you get when pani puri and bhel puri come together. Vendors selling this delicious local snack line the streets of Ahmedabad. But we must warn you, this one is as appetizing and addictive as it appears in the picture.

Knock Knock

Now you know what to eat as you get all exhausted and hungry from exploring the rich heritage and fascinating culture of Ahmedabad. Also, try not to fill up with one of these dishes in a jiffy and remember to make space in your tummy to try out as many of these treats as possible.

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