From the quiet Fulgali to the bustling Jamalpur Flower Market: The tale of Ahmedabad's Phool Bazar
Nirmal Harindran

From the quiet Fulgali to the bustling Jamalpur Flower Market: The tale of Ahmedabad's Phool Bazar

This is the story of the biggest flower market of Gujarat, Jamalpur Flower Market.

At the first ray of dawn, the Jamalpur area in Ahmedabad comes alive with an explosion of fragrances and a riot of colors. This is the enchanting world of the Jamalpur Flower Market also known as the Phool Bazar, a local gem celebrated as one of India's grandest floral hubs. It's a sensory haven that beckons people from all corners, offering an abundant array of both local and exotic blooms for sale.

Did you know that this sprawling market owes its existence to a small group of flower vendors from Fulgali in Ahmedabad? Let's delve deeper into the captivating history of how this market came to be!

Fulgali Vistar and its expansion into Jamalpur Flower Market

Back in the 1990s, there was a narrow street in Ahmedabad known as Fulgali. True to its name, this street was characterized by a handful of permanent flower shops and a few local families who sold flowers from their front porches. Over time, these few shops transformed into a modest market, but as it grew, vendors began to realize that the available space was insufficient, leading to traffic congestion and chaos.

So, these vendors decided to band together and form an association to raise funds for a new market space. They approached the city municipality with their request, and after deliberation, the authorities granted them a designated market space in Jamalpur on a 99-year lease. Today, we all know this space as the bustling Jamalpur Flower Market.

Interestingly, even in the present day, there are still a few shops in the Fulgali Vistar area that have chosen not to move to the Jamalpur market. Their reason? They wish to preserve the old charm of Fulgali. These shops, some dating back 80 to 100 years, were once owned by the forefathers of the current vendors.

Exploring Ahmedabad's vibrant floral symphony

The market comes to life as early as 4 AM and concludes most of its business by 9 AM. While you can find vendors selling flowers throughout the day, the true essence of the market can only be experienced by arriving early in the morning.

Jamalpur Flower Market is a treasure trove of both local and exotic blooms. From roses to marigolds, daisies to orchids, jasmines to tulips, lotus to tuberose, and veni/gajaras to garlands, you can find an astonishing variety of blooms here. During wedding and festive seasons, the market witnesses a surge in activity, along with a corresponding increase in prices.

The vendors at the market source their flowers from all corners of India, although a significant portion comes from within a 40-kilometer radius of Ahmedabad, including Naroda, Biaad Gaam, Kheda, Bharuch, Sarkhej, and Dholka.

Even if you have no intention to make a purchase, taking a morning stroll through this sensory paradise is an experience you shouldn't miss!

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