Garam Garam Vagharelo Rotlo and Odo at this stall in Ahmedabad will sweep away your winter chill!

Garam Garam Vagharelo Rotlo and Odo at this stall in Ahmedabad will sweep away your winter chill!

Loved by Amdavadis, this street food place serves tasty Kathiawadi delicacies at pocket-friendly prices!

Amdavadis! It's that time of the year when we relish classic Kathiawadi delights like Odo, Undhiyu, and Vaghrelo Rolto. These traditional dishes, brimming with green veggies and spices, are not only tasty but also provide a warm and healthy respite during chilly days. But what if you could savor these dishes as street food?

Yes, the Special Kathiawadi Food stall, located near Vastrapur Lake in Ahmedabad, has been garnering attention on the internet for serving the most scrumptious Vagherlo Rotlo and Odo. Prepared on order, the place is often bustling with crowds but is undoubtedly worth the visit!

Kathiawadi Delicacies

Kathiawadi cuisine is renowned for its rich and quite often intense flavors and spices. Among its gems is Odo, the Gujarati version of Bengan ka Bharta. This dish, crafted with green onions, garlic, and brinjals, is a symphony of flavors. Served with piping hot Rotla, it creates a match made in heaven.

However, the star attraction at this place is Vagharelo Rotlo. The skilled cook at this humble stall prepares Rotla and then transforms it into a fried version right before your eyes. The blend of spices and the tanginess from curd come together to create a perfect balance of taste.

You can also explore other dishes like Sev Tameta nu Shak here.

Knock Knock!

The best part of venturing into diverse cuisines at street food stalls is the reasonable prices. A bowl of Odo is priced at just Rs 70, and a Rotlo at Rs 30. The Vaghrelo Rotlo will only cost you Rs 100. In this price range, you can enjoy a delightful winter dish!

Location: Near Vastrapur Lake

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