Gearing Up for Garba: Best places for Navratri shopping in Ahmedabad

Gearing Up for Garba: Best places for Navratri shopping in Ahmedabad

E halooo! We're going on a Navratri shopping spree. You coming?!

Ah, Navratri! That much-anticipated time of year when we Gujaratis trade in our everyday attire for chaniya cholis and kurta-pajamas faster than one can say "Garba!". It's that magical season where we jive to rhythmic beats, twirl our dandiya sticks like pros, and engage in a dance battle so fierce, it could rival a Bollywood showdown.

So, brace yourselves, because we're about to dive headfirst into the world of Navratri shopping in Ahmedabad, where the quest for the perfect outfit is as intense as a Garba dance-off. Get ready, because the markets are calling, and it's time to embrace your inner shopaholic!

Law Garden

Kickstart your shopping extravaganza at the renowned Law Garden market. Whether you're after mirror work chaniya choli designs, simple yet elegant options, luxurious silk creations, comfy cotton ensembles, or even chaniya cholis adorned with whimsical prints, this market has it all. While it's a go-to destination for traditional wear year-round, it truly comes alive before Navratri, showcasing some of Gujarat's most exquisite and graceful Chaniya choli pieces.

Rani No Hajiro Market

Nestled near Manek Chawk, the Rani No Hajiro market boasts a splendid array of trendy chaniya cholis, jamawar patches, and mirror work potlis. But that's not all – the market also boasts an impressive selection of artificial jewelry, bags, and other accessories. Discover unique and vintage jewelry pieces that will add an extra layer of charm to your Navratri look.

Dhalgarwad Cloth Market

Situated close to Teen Darwaza, the Dhalgarwad market is another must-visit and wallet-friendly destination for Navratri shopping in Ahmedabad. Here, you'll find a dazzling assortment of dress materials, chaniya cholis, sarees, patola fabric, bandhani textiles, and a host of other festive clothing and accessories, all at reasonable prices.

Ratan Pol

The Ratanpole Saree Market in Kalupur may be renowned for its opulent saree variety, but it's also a hidden gem for Chaniya cholis and imitation jewelry. Dive into a world of splendid options that extend beyond the norm.

Apart from these gems, Sindhi Market and Laal Darwaja also offer their own Navratri shopping delights.

Some lessor known gems

Garvi Gujrari Emporium
Garvi Gujrari Emporium

If you're in the mood to explore beyond the well-trodden paths, we suggest a visit to Ahmedabad Haat. A month before Navratri, they host a vibrant fair where artisans and craftsmen from across Gujarat showcase and sell their traditional treasures.

Location: Opp - Vastrapur Lake Vastrapur, Ahmedabad

Another delightful spot is the Garvi Gujrari Emporium in Ambavadi – a government handloom emporium that boasts an exciting array of traditional Gujarati attire, including captivating Navratri outfits.

Location: Kamdhenu Complex, Shop No. 27/28, Panjarapole Cross Rd, opp. Sahajanand College, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad

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