Got no Navratri plans? Here are the must attend Garba events in Ahmedabad!

Got no Navratri plans? Here are the must attend Garba events in Ahmedabad!

Dance, music, and devotion: Ahmedabad's ultimate Navratri guide!

Pass nu setting thai gayu?! or are you still doing the Garba shuffle trying to figure out where to groove this Navratri? Trust us, the struggle is real because Ahmedabad is throwing one heck of a Navratri bash this year! Each event has its own flavor of Garba, music, and that divine celebration of the Goddess, making choices even tougher.

But fear not, we're here to make it a whole lot easier for you. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through these most happening Garba events in Ahmedabad that have us jumping with excitement!


Organized by CEPT University alumni, the Mandali Garba event took the town by storm last year with its unique sheri-style Garba infused with the power of design. Reviving the rustic charm of sheri Garba, this event starts late at night and continues until dawn, offering a reimagined form of traditional Garba practices that is truly an unforgettable experience.

Venue: Mandli Garba 2023, SOM Greens, near Amaryllis crossing,Canal Road, Shilaj, Ahmedabad

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Navami Rassleela

Join the Navratri festivities with a musical twist at Navami Rassleela. Featuring renowned Gujarati singers like Aditya Gadhvi, Payal Shah, Dimple Biscuitwala, and the sensational Himali Vyas, this Garba night promises to be a harmonious celebration. Dance the night away in the enchanting sheri-style Garba vibes created by these local music maestros.

Venue: Lavish Greens Party Plot, Ahmedabad

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Navshakti Navratri

Navshakti Navratri is not just another Garba event; it's a heartfelt initiative by Hardik Dave and his team to bring back the traditional and authentic essence of Garba and Navratri. This gathering is not led by commercial gain; it's an open invitation to the community to come together, play traditional Garba, and partake in aarti and meditation. Experience the true spirit of the festival at Navshakti.

Venue: Sargam farm, Sargam farm, besides Umiya Dham,Nr Vaishnodevi circle, Ahmedabad

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Suvarn Navratri 2023

For those seeking a premium Garba night, Suvarn Navratri 2023 is your go-to destination. Organized by We One Entertainers, this event offers a lavish Garba night under the stars in a giant air-conditioned dome adorned with traditional decorations. With live band music and delectable cuisine, it's a recipe for an unforgettable evening of dance and delight.

Venue: Suvarn, The Premium Lawn, Ahmedabad

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Amdavad Na Garba at Adani Shantigram Cricket Ground

Prepare yourself for the most unique Navratri celebration in Ahmedabad at Amdavad Na Garba. With a star-studded artist lineup featuring Bhumika Shah, Raag Mehta, Hardik Dave, Aditya Gadhvi, and more, this event promises to be a magical and groovy experience that captures the essence of Ahmedabad's spirit.

Venue: Shantigram Cricket Ground, SG Highway, Ahmedabad.

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Nabhalee Navratri

Get ready to sway to the non-stop Shehnai and Dholak music at Navami Navratri. This unique Garba concept blends Sheri Garba with popular Garba music, making it an absolute hotspot for the youth and Garba enthusiasts alike. The infectious music and vibrant crowd promise an unforgettable night!

Venue: Nabhalee Navratri Grounds, Gandhinagar

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Rajwadi RAAS

Experience the magic of Rajwadi RAAS at Balaji Farm, where tradition meets modernity in the most enchanting way. With daily orchestral performances, top-notch security, and captivating thematic decorations, this event is the ultimate fusion of culture and entertainment.

Venue -Sindhu Bhavan Rd, behind Taj Skyline, PRL Colony, Bopal, Shilaj, Ahmedabad

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