Gujarat Sthapana Divas special: Monumental reminders of the Mahagujarat Movement in Ahmedabad

Gujarat Sthapana Divas special: Monumental reminders of the Mahagujarat Movement in Ahmedabad

These monuments in Ahmedabad today stand as reminders of the martyrs and leaders from the Andolan.

The Mahagujarat movement, a pivotal chapter in Gujarat's history, marked a fervent struggle for the formation of the independent state of Gujarat. As part of this movement, numerous individuals sacrificed their lives, while many others actively participated in protests and demonstrations to realize the dream of a separate Gujarat state.

In Ahmedabad, the movement hub of Gujarat, several monuments were erected to honor the martyrs and leaders who played instrumental roles in shaping the movement's course.

Shahid Smarak

Vijay Barot

One such monument is the Shahid Smarak or Khambhi (Martyr Monument), situated near the Lal Darwaja AMTS Bus Stop in Bhadra, Ahmedabad. This monument serves as a poignant reminder of the courageous college students who, driven by the spirit of independence and regional identity, marched to the local Congress House to demand a separate state during the Mahagujarat movement.

Tragically, some of these students lost their lives in police firing during the protests. Originally known as Khambhi Satyagrah, this site features a striking statue of a young individual holding a torch aloft, symbolizing the eternal flame of their resistance and unwavering determination.

Statue of Indulal Yagnik

The Statue of Indulal Yagnik stands as another notable monument in Ahmedabad, located in a serene garden at the east end of Nehru Bridge. Indulal Yagnik, a towering figure in India's independence movement and a fervent supporter of the Mahagujarat cause, is commemorated here for his leadership and dedication.

The garden surrounding his statue bears his name, serving as a lasting tribute to his vision and unwavering commitment to the realization of Gujarat's statehood.

These monuments stand not only as physical tributes but also as embodiments of the collective spirit and resilience of the people of Gujarat.

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