Gujarat's cascading beauties| 6 waterfalls near Ahmedabad that spring to life during monsoons!

Gujarat's cascading beauties| 6 waterfalls near Ahmedabad that spring to life during monsoons!

Explore Gujarat's hidden gems!

Imagine the roaring sound of waterfalls echoing through lush green forests—a symphony of nature during the monsoon! In Gujarat, the rainy season turns the landscape into a stunning display of majestic waterfalls.

From hidden gems in dense jungles to serene spots in rolling hills, these waterfalls offer a cool escape and unforgettable adventures for nature lovers. So, prep for a long drive and explore these 6 enchanting waterfalls near Ahmedabad, that come alive during the monsoon!

Gira Waterfalls

Gira Waterfalls, located near Waghai in the Dang district, cascade down from a height of approximately 75 feet amidst lush greenery. The area around the waterfall is serene and ideal for picnics and short hikes. Visitors can explore the nearby Saputara Hill Station, known for its pleasant climate and panoramic views of the Western Ghats.

Distance from Ahmedabad: Approx 330 km

Girmal Falls

Girmal Falls regarded as the tallest among all Gujarat waterfalls, is situated near Ahwa in the Dang district. It is a scenic waterfall cascading over steps of rock formations surrounded by dense forest. The area is popular among nature enthusiasts and trekkers exploring the Western Ghats. Don Hill Station, known for its panoramic views and pleasant weather, is nearby and offers trekking opportunities.

Distance from Ahmedabad: Approx 375 km

Hathni Mata Waterfall

Hathni Mata Waterfall is a 100-meter-tall cascade, nestled in a lush, serene setting. The sight of water tumbling from such a height onto the rocks, accompanied by the gentle sound of the breeze, creates a soothing and tranquil atmosphere. Best visited during the monsoon months, this spot is particularly popular among young people and locals for its serene appeal. Located near Jambughoda, this waterfall is a must-visit in Gujarat and should not be missed.

Distance from Ahmedabad: Approx 175 km

Zarwani Waterfalls


Located just 12 km from the Statue of Unity, Zarwani Waterfalls stand as one of India's most pristine natural destinations. This serene oasis is cocooned within the lush embrace of the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, renowned for its diverse flora and fauna. Here, you can encounter elusive species such as wild sloth bears, hyenas, barking deer, and rhesus monkeys, seldom seen elsewhere in the country.

Distance from Ahmedabad: Approx 205 km

Chimer Falls/Chichkund Waterfall

Also known as Chichkund Waterfall, this majestic cascade is nestled in a hilly terrain surrounded by verdant forests. Plummeting from a height of 327 feet, it stands as one of Gujarat's tallest and most expansive waterfalls. Accessible via a short hike after parking your car at a designated spot, Chichkund Waterfall is a scenic marvel. Nearby, you'll discover four additional waterfalls, including two larger ones and two smaller ones, adding to the area's natural allure and charm.

Distance from Ahmedabad: Approx 250 km

Zanzari Waterfall

Zanzari Waterfall, near Dehgam in Gandhinagar district, is known for its scenic beauty and easy accessibility from Ahmedabad. The waterfall forms a picturesque spot surrounded by greenery, making it a popular weekend getaway. Visitors can also explore the Thol Bird Sanctuary nearby, home to various migratory bird species.

Distance from Ahmedabad: Approx 75 km

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