Have YOU tried the Katka Pav at Old Lucky Sandwich in Ahmedabad's Law Garden market?

Have YOU tried the Katka Pav at Old Lucky Sandwich in Ahmedabad's Law Garden market?

Be on the lookout for the OG Lucky Sandwich of Law garden for a flavourful treat!

Katka Pav, a street food delight not often in the limelight in Ahmedabad, holds a special place in the hearts of many locals. Those in the know highly recommend giving it a taste at the Old Lucky Sandwich stall in Law Garden market.

The secret to its yumminess lies in the buttery roasted Pavs topped generously with masaledar ingredients and chutneys. So, what's the unique charm of this place's Katka Pav? Let's find out!

What is so special about the Katka Pav here?

Take a stroll down the food section of Law Garden market, and you might see several Lucky Sandwich stalls. But if you spot the one offering Katka Pav, you'll notice a buzzing crowd. This place is famous for its unique Katka Pav. But what makes it stand out?

To make Katka Pav, they start by roasting Vadapav's pav in butter and spices until it gets a nice brown and crispy touch. Then, they cut it into pieces and load it up with pizza sauce, green chutney, onions, Masala sing, Sev, and a ton of grated cheese (because no Amdavadi dish is complete without lots of cheese!). Finally, they sprinkle oregano, chilly flakes, and coriander on top, giving you a taste that's almost like a different version of pizza.

Katka Pav Price: Rs 80

What else to try?

And it's not just Katka Pav that people love here. They've got other favorites like Cheese Chilly Sandwich, Ghughra Sandwich, Cadbury Sandwich, and Masala Cheese Puff. Got a favorite? Let us know!

Location: Old Lucky Sandwich, Law Garden market, Ahmedabad

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