Here is all you need to know about the Girnar Parikrama, happening this month!

Here is all you need to know about the Girnar Parikrama, happening this month!

Whether you're a devoted pilgrim, a spiritual seeker, or a nature lover, the annual Girnar Parikrama is an experience not to be missed!

Girnar, believed to be older than the Great Himalayas, is a treasure trove of ancient temples and concealed caves. This sacred land has long been a hub for spiritual and religious practices, while also flourishing with natural wonders. Renowned for its lion population and a profusion of wild plants and trees, it's a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers.

During the Girnar Parikrama, the forest department grants access to some of the normally off-limits areas of the mountain range. So, whether you seek divine blessings or the tranquility of nature, Girnar Parikrama offers a golden opportunity to explore the innermost sanctums of this enchanting forest.

Parikrama date and route

Kunal Rohila

This year, the Parikrama commences on November 23 and concludes on November 25.

The 36-kilometer journey begins at the Dudheshwar temple in Bhavnath Taleti. Pilgrims traverse dense forests via Intwa Ni Ghodi, eventually arriving at Zina Bawa ni Madhi, situated near the largest dam in Junagadh district, Hasnapur Dam. Pilgrims spend the night here.

From Zina Bava Ni Madhi, pilgrims have two options. They can either head directly to Malvela or reach Malvela via Sarkhadiya Hanuman, known for its impressive Hanuman temple amidst dense forests, where lion roars are not uncommon.

The journey continues to Madvela, where a beautiful temple is located. From Madvela, the most challenging section, Nal-Pani Ghodi or Madvela Ni Ghodi, awaits pilgrims. Descending this steep elevation, they reach Bordevi, a temple dedicated to Goddess Bordevi, surrounded by mango trees on three sides.

Places like Kaala-Ghuno and Tataniyo Ghuno provide water throughout the year. Pilgrims then proceed towards Bhavnath Taleti, marking the end of the exhausting yet rewarding Girnar Parikrama.

What to Expect

Prepare for a significant amount of walking through Girnar's forests and temples. It can be uncomfortable and crowded, as thousands of people participate in the Parikrama every year. However, amid the chaos, you'll experience a strong sense of community, with people from all over India, some on pilgrimage, and others assisting with food and essentials.

You'll also encounter sadhus, aghoris, and a diverse array of spiritual seekers, adding to the spiritual and cultural richness of the event.

Knock Knock!

So, make this your post-diwali plan, head to Junagadh and experience Girnar like never before! 

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