Houses of Ahmedabad: A glimpse inside Govind Choksi's opulent Pol-style farmhouse
Sebastian Zachariah + Aaditya Kulkarni

Houses of Ahmedabad: A glimpse inside Govind Choksi's opulent Pol-style farmhouse

A retreat where Amdavadi architectural charm meets modern luxury!

When Govind Choksi, a prosperous jeweler hailing from Ahmedabad's walled city, acquired a sprawling 65,000 square-foot plot on the city's outskirts to build a luxurious farmhouse for his family, he held a specific vision in his heart. His dream was to infuse his new home with the timeless allure of Ahmedabad's traditional Pol-style houses.

To transform this vision into reality, Govind turned to Squelette Design, a renowned architecture and design firm. Join us as we step into this exceptional modern residence that beautifully combines contemporary luxury with a nod to heritage.

The revival of Pol-style architecture in modern luxury

Sebastian Zachariah + Aaditya Kulkarni

For generations, people in Ahmedabad have called havelis within the city's pols (neighborhoods) their homes. These stunning houses, built around central courtyards, have been perfectly suited to city's climate and culture. However, as Western influences grew, locals began to adopt more modern architectural styles, and the traditional Pol-style houses gradually faded into obscurity.

But then there are individuals like Govind Choksi who hold a deep appreciation for the timeless beauty of Amdavadi architecture. When they construct their luxurious homes, they choose to incorporate these architectural elements. This is why Squelette Design integrated the core principles of Pol architecture into this sprawling farmhouse, but with a contemporary twist!

Pol-style living amidst natural splendor

Sebastian Zachariah + Aaditya Kulkarni

What makes this bungalow truly enchanting is its location outside the city, surrounded by lush greenery and towering trees. It boasts a single floor layout, with all rooms designed around a central courtyard, mirroring the famous Pol architecture. This not only serves as the heart of the home but also ensures natural ventilation and ample sunlight throughout. To enhance the comfort of the rooms, all the bathrooms open into lush green courtyards, providing a cooling and refreshing atmosphere.

Inside, the interiors are adorned with salvaged elements from the client's older home and Pol-style houses. These pieces have been meticulously transformed into furniture, lighting fixtures, and decorative items, with the design team preserving the unique patterns and patina of each piece.

Preserving heritage, embracing sustainability

Sebastian Zachariah + Aaditya Kulkarni

In a bid to reduce its environmental footprint, the construction materials were selected quite carefully. The walls are constructed using locally sourced bricks coated with textured lime, a traditional method that helps regulate temperatures. The ceilings feature insulated ISMB sections, while the roof is equipped with corrugated sheets adorned with solar panels. The farmhouse even boasts a percolation well for rainwater harvesting.

Govind Choksi's lavish farmhouse is a splendid fusion of modern luxury and traditional Amdavadi charm. It's a testament to his admiration for the city's rich architectural heritage, beautifully reimagined for contemporary living, while also being mindful of its environmental impact.

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