Houses of Ahmedabad: A tapestry of colors at this Bohemian Weekend Villa
Maulik Patel

Houses of Ahmedabad: A tapestry of colors at this Bohemian Weekend Villa

Take a peek inside this party haven of an Ahmedabad couple.

Nestled in Ahmedabad, this exuberant weekend villa stands as a testament to the creativity of its architects, Ashish Patel and Nikhil Patel, co-founders of ACE Associates. Conceived as a haven for an Ahmedabad-based couple seeking a lively and bohemian retreat, this kaleidoscopic marvel is a collaborative masterpiece that instantly uplifts the soul upon crossing its threshold.

Redefining relaxation and beauty

Maulik Patel

In a time where the charm of weekend getaways is all the more alluring, the idea of weekend houses has evolved beyond just a quick escape from city life. This Ahmedabad weekend villa takes this concept to new heights, celebrating beauty and relaxation in a wonderful way.

Built for a couple and their children in Ahmedabad, this house is a true display of beauty. The front yard boasts neat lawns, colonial-style columns, weathered light posts, artistic wall sculptures, and an array of flowering plants. Inside, the house presents itself as an artistic haven, adorned with sculptures and captivating patterns everywhere you look.

The interior seamlessly blends monochrome floors with traditional sculptures, providing a canvas for artistic expression. Wall hangings, sculptures, and eye-catching 3D paintings come together to create an intriguing atmosphere in every room. What truly stands out is the bold choice of colors, furniture, and decor that gives the house a uniquely vibrant atmosphere.

Personalized bedroom themes

Each bedroom in the house has its own distinct theme. The master bedroom, designed for the couple, oozes regal charm with its leather-finished headboard, immersing them in a burst of colors. The daughter's room is like a lively floral painting come to life, with blooming patterns in every corner and a feature wall that sparkles like glass. On the other hand, the son's room emanates rustic charm with its grey exposed brick wall and wooden ceiling panels, exuding a rugged yet elegant feel.

In every corner of the house, you'll find the diverse tastes and personalities of its occupants reflected, forming a tapestry of unique expressions within a harmonious whole.

Stay tuned as we bring you the captivating "Houses of Ahmedabad" series, offering an enchanting glimpse into the most intriguing homes in our town!

Houses of Ahmedabad: A tapestry of colors at this Bohemian Weekend Villa
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