Houses of Ahmedabad: Check out how 23 neem trees thrive in this modern home
Edmund Sumner

Houses of Ahmedabad: Check out how 23 neem trees thrive in this modern home

Connecting indoors and outdoors: A beautiful home amidst neem trees!

This Ahmedabad home stands as a powerful example of the harmonious coexistence of modern luxury and untouched nature. While it's almost mandatory to clear trees and plantation from plots of land before construction, a family dared to be different. They chose to preserve twenty three majestic neem trees on their property, and with the ingenious touch of Matharoo Associates, this decision blossomed into a breathtaking reality: a home called 'Trees Sliced Through.'

Spanning a sprawling 1,000 square meters, this contemporary masterpiece seamlessly integrates these lush neem trees into its design. It's not just a house; it's a heartfelt homage to nature's wonders and a showcase of Matharoo Associates' creative brilliance.

Protecting trees during construction

Edmund Sumner

The family's vision was a spacious residence featuring five bedrooms, formal and family living areas, and spaces for their staff. They wanted a modern concrete structure that would peacefully coexist with the lush green canopy of the land. Yet, this dream came with a monumental challenge: how to protect the trees during construction.

The architects rose to the occasion by encircling each tree with sturdy brickwork and interconnecting them, ensuring they stood tall throughout the excavation process. A circle with a 10-foot radius around each tree was maintained to safeguard their precious roots.

To minimize soil disruption and allow these natural sentinels to thrive, the architects chose pile foundations. While their ingenious design embraced open spaces on two sides, seamlessly blending the trees into the interior.

Living with neem trees in a modern abode

Edmund Sumner

The outcome? A spacious 21st-century home adorned with neem trees both inside and out. Inspired by the famous Sarabhai house by Le Corbusier, the rooms were strategically designed to offer beautiful views of the surroundings, with shared landscaped areas nearby. The presence of these 23 ancient trees influenced the overall layout, and the carefully crafted wooden walls add a special touch.

Long parallel walls create a cozy and private atmosphere inside the house, while also serving as pathways that connect each space to the outdoors. These old trees, which have been a part of the land for a long time, now bring vitality to this exceptional and welcoming living space.

Today this home stands as a testament to what can be achieved when we choose to embrace nature rather than erase it from our lives.

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