Houses of Ahmedabad: Check out this luxurious villa seamlessly integrating art and nature
Photographix India

Houses of Ahmedabad: Check out this luxurious villa seamlessly integrating art and nature

At Nature's Edge, every view is a breath of fresh air.

Titled "At Nature's Edge," this luxurious villa is a haven of tranquility situated on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. This extraordinary home, brought to life by the talented team at DPA Design Studio (a city-based practice), captures the soothing essence of nature while embodying modern elegance.

Sculpting serenity

Photographix India

Originally, the owner's wish was simple: a home immersed in nature's embrace away from the chaos of the city. And so, this haven was born. The land, once bare, blossomed under the hands of ingenious engineers who wove the house into lush pockets of greenery. The result? A modern yet serene house that seamlessly blends the beauty of nature with exceptionally modern design.

Imagine an elegant L-shaped house adorned with two water bodies at its heart: a serene lily pond and an inviting swimming pool. Every part of the house gazes out at these watery wonders, creating a sense of calm. The house's exterior opens generously to embrace the pond and the pool, while inside, French windows blur the line between indoors and outdoors. Cozy courtyards dot the enclosed spaces, and wide verandahs offer shade from the sun and stunning views.

Step into the living room, a respite of light with windows on three sides framing picturesque scenes. A pathway leads to the kitchen, dining area, and a peaceful spiritual space. Here, an intricately designed wooden screen adds grace, and patterned openings in the concrete walls bring the outdoors inside.

Elegance in every detail

Inside this wonderland, each corner tells a tale of artistry and innovation. Stylish furniture adds charm, while a shower area opens to a courtyard with a skyward view, adorned by a delicate kota stone screen. The dance of exposed concrete and fluted marble exudes sophistication, balanced by the warmth of rustic cane and eye-catching natural stone.

This villa stands apart with its unique design, inviting abundant natural light to playfully dance through its windows. "At Nature's Edge" is a modern retreat nestled in lush surrounding, a masterpiece where the best of both human creativity and nature's serenity come together in perfect harmony.

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