Houses of Ahmedabad: See the beauty of this climate-responsive home titled Abhikram
Ishita Sitwala

Houses of Ahmedabad: See the beauty of this climate-responsive home titled Abhikram

Where climate challenges inspire creative architectural solutions.

Summers in Ahmedabad bring scorching heat. So, when architects Sandeep Khosla and Amaresh Anand were given the task to create a home in the city, they crafted a sanctuary of coolness and tranquility.

Abhikram, a two-story home nestled on a spacious one-acre plot in Ahmedabad, stands as a testament to their commitment to climate-responsive design.

Abhikram's unique approach to urban living

Ishita Sitwala

In a city where climate adaptation is crucial, Khosla and Anand have employed ingenious strategies to keep the relentless heat at bay. The house features pergolas, arched overhangs, louvres, high ceilings, and double-walled bedrooms to minimize heat penetration. Pitched roofs have been added to counter heavy rainfall. Notably, the architects minimized the use of glass, a material known to trap heat, ensuring that the interior remains cool and comfortable.

What sets Abhikram apart is its meticulous consideration of sunlight and ventilation. The house has been thoughtfully structured to capture the path of the sun and invite every passing breeze. Pergolas and louvres create ever-changing patterns of light and shadow as the sun moves through the seasons.

Textures, artistry, and architectural ingenuity: The essence of Abhikram

The tactile and sensory details are another hallmark of this home. Fluted glass doors, river-finished Kota-stone flooring, herringbone-patterned pavements, well-oiled ribbed timber, and cool beige terrazzo floors showcase the rich textures and qualities of local materials.

One striking feature of the house is a sculptural corten-steel staircase that connects both levels and leads to a 30-foot bridge spanning the double-height living space. This unconventional element contrasts beautifully with the soft, muted interiors dominated by aqua blues, beiges, and blush tones. Custom-designed furniture by Khosla and Anand in collaboration with Mangrove Collective complements the art, which features a distinct Indian influence, including contemporary art, tribal sculptures, Jain pichvais, and traditional rugs.

Abhikram pays homage to the architectural heritage of Ahmedabad while infusing it with a tropical sensibility. With its innovative design, harmonious details, and a focus on sustainability, this home is not only a shelter from the heat but also a celebration of the earth and sky, a testament to the power of thoughtful architecture in the face of a challenging climate.

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