Houses of Ahmedabad: This expansive bungalow is a synthesis of unique architecture and green living

Houses of Ahmedabad: This expansive bungalow is a synthesis of unique architecture and green living

Exploring Ahmedabad's stunning bungalows!

Designed by Hiren Patel Architects, this truly exceptional Ahmedabad bungalow stands as an emblem of innovative architecture. Spanning two stories, its structure harmoniously blends brick, concrete, and glass, crowned by a series of sleek roofs at varying heights. However, the true hallmark of this abode lies in its luxuriant, forest-like garden enveloping the surroundings.

The inviting spaces of glass and concrete

As you approach the main door, a bamboo-lined corridor welcomes you, guiding your gaze towards a striking structure. Crafted from brick, concrete, and glass, the building's irregular footprint intentionally blurs the line between built and unbuilt spaces. This calculated design strategy creates the formation of several inviting outdoor decks.

Glass panels grace the double-height volumes, inviting the outside in and forging a deep connection with nature. Inside, the house becomes a canvas where panoramic views of the surrounding greenery unfold through generous windows. The boundary between indoors and outdoors becomes fluid, allowing residents to bask in the tranquility of nature from every corner.

Where home and garden become one

The garden isn't an afterthought here, but it's an integral part of daily life. Designed alongside the house, it embraces diversity, showcasing a zen garden with stepping stones over a water body, a lily pond, and a thriving fruit orchard.

Tailoring the home to family preferences, the designers have created distinct pockets within the house cater to individual tastes of the members. Meticulously chosen materials, Ambaji white marble, Kota stone, and natural wood echo tradition and modernity.

With its innovative design, thoughtful interior, and meticulously crafted outdoor spaces, it's more than a home—it's an immersive experience that awakens the senses and celebrates the beauty of life in every corner.

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