In Pics| Take a peek at the Eco-friendly Ganesha Idols made from clay at this Ahmedabad Fair

In Pics| Take a peek at the Eco-friendly Ganesha Idols made from clay at this Ahmedabad Fair

You can also purchase these eco-conscious clay Bappa idols to create a festive season that's both happy and sustainable for everyone!

Across the city, vibrant Ganesh idols are available for purchase, but it's crucial to consider the environmental impact. Many of these idols, crafted from materials like POP (Plaster of Paris), can harm nature when immersed in water after the Ganesh festivals.

To address this concern, the government, in collaboration with the Gujarat Pottery Art And Rural Technology Institutions, has organized a Maati Murti fair dedicated to showcasing and selling Eco-friendly Ganesha idols made from clay. These biodegradable idols not only pose no harm to the environment but are also safe for humans. What's more, they can be easily dissolved at home after the festivities, promoting cleanliness and health-conscious practices.

Moreover, this initiative provides a platform for local sculptors to display and sell their exquisite and imaginative creations, supporting their talent and artistry. Let’s check out the beautiful clay idols from at the fair.

Ganapati crafted from dried coconut strips

Ganapati made from dried coconut strips. These idols exude a rustic charm, marrying simplicity with divine beauty.

Varied forms and expressions of Ganapati

Experience the myriad forms, ages, and emotions of Lord Ganesha through these artful creations.

Vividly painted Ganapati

Some idols boast bold and vibrant colors, rendering them utterly distinctive and unforgettable.

Ganesha with a Shiva visage

There are many creatively designed idols too . Discover the fascinating fusion of Ganesha and Shiva in this unique idol.

Ganapati adorned with intricate headpieces

Certain idols capture the essence of Maharashtrian culture with their ornate headwear.

Ganapati as Lord Krishna

Witness Lord Ganesha transformed into the divine blue Lord Krishna or adorned in the attire of a distinguished traditional gentleman.

Clay textured Ganapati idols

Explore the tactile beauty of clay-textured Ganapati idols, which add a unique dimension to the artwork.

Engaging with Artisans

Engage with the talented artisans behind these creations and delve into their knowledge of materials, styles, and processes.

Timing: Till 19th Sep, from 1 PM to 9PM

You can find many more of such clay Ganesha idols are these fair locations:

1 Riverfront, Nr Vallabh Sadan

2 Ahmedabad Haat, Nr Vastrapur Lake

3 Hastakala Haat Bopal, Ambali-Bopal crossroad, Bopal

4 Indulal Yagnik Road, Bapunagar

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