Inside the largest avant-garde museum dedicated to the life and philosophy of Gandhi - Dandi Kutir

Inside the largest avant-garde museum dedicated to the life and philosophy of Gandhi - Dandi Kutir

Approx. 27 km from Ahmedabad, this remarkable museum, shaped like a salt mound, is a technologically advanced representation of Gandhi's legacy.

This colossal, shell-shaped dome is not only an architectural marvel but also the world’s largest and most contemporary museum devoted to Mahatma Gandhi. The shape, resembling a salt mound, symbolizes the Dandi movement. Inside, you will discover three-story galleries and exhibitions narrating Gandhi's biography using captivating technologies such as 3D mapping, holography, 360-degree projections, and transparent LED screens.

This immersive tour guides you through the life, struggles, movements, and incidents that shaped Gandhi into the Mahatma.

Impressive Grand Structure


Situated near Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar, the first thing that captures attention is undoubtedly its grand 41-meter-high dome, resembling a shell. In reality, it replicates a massive heap of salt.

In 1930, when the British imposed heavy taxes on salt, Gandhi and his followers initiated the Dandi Satyagrah Yatra, a civil disobedience movement opposing the oppressive policy.

This nonviolent movement became synonymous with Gandhi. So, to commemorate it, the museum is shaped like a mound of salt.

The Interior

The hollow structure houses a three-level museum building. It is equally captivating to explore. The exhibition galleries showcase Gandhi's life through fascinating technology. Visitors can witness his early life through audio-visuals and models, followed by his journey to South Africa and return home.

The exhibition highlights his prominent role in India’s Independence Movement and his transformation into the Father of the Nation. This allows visitors to feel as though they are actually witnessing Gandhi’s life unfolding and the powerful ideologies he passionately embraced.

Knock Knock!


Dandi Kutir is truly a powerful and captivating means of understanding and witnessing the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Even if history does not pique your interest, the iconic architecture of the place is sure to fascinate you.

Location: Dandi Kutir, Nr. Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Fees: Rs 10 for Indian nationals

Timings: Tuesday to Sunday 10:30 AM to 5 PM

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