Into the largest tomb of Ahmedabad: Darya Khan Tomb

Into the largest tomb of Ahmedabad: Darya Khan Tomb

Its simple yet majestic design, crafted entirely from bricks, sets it from all other architectural treasures within the city.

Ahmedabad, a city with countless architectural marvels, boasts the grandeur of Darya Khan's mausoleum, a hidden gem that stands as the largest tomb in this historic city.

Known by various names such as Dariya Khan Ghummat, Darya Khan Tomb, or Daria Khan Dome, this architectural gem was erected in 1453 to honor the memory of Darya Khan, a distinguished nobleman in the court of Sultan Ahmed Shah.

Darya Khan's legacy

Dariya Khan, who served as an advisor to Mehmud Begada, hailed from the area known as Dariyapur, and his legacy lives on through the Darwaza (door) named after him – the Dariyapur Darwaja.

The mausoleum's design pays homage to Persian architecture, evident in the elegant brick arches that grace its exterior. Unlike other such monuments in Ahmedabad, this structure forgoes intricate carvings, relying instead on the simplicity and beauty of typical bricks.

The unique bricked architecture

What sets Darya Khan's mausoleum apart from other structures in Ahmedabad is its unique construction entirely from bricks. As you approach the monument, the first thing that captures your attention is the massive white dome.

The central chamber of the tomb is surrounded by a circular corridor. The architectural influence is unmistakably Turko-Persian, with towering pillars and a massive dome that stand as a testament to the grandeur of this kind of architecture.

Step inside the mausoleum, and you'll discover a large drum used during prayers for centuries. The Ghummat, as it is affectionately called, boasts the title of being the largest brick dome in Gujarat, featuring a nine-foot-thick wall that adds to its robust presence.

The tomb's interior is a mesmerizing display of arches and domes, creating a cavernous space that evokes a sense of awe. A central dome, surrounded by sixteen smaller domes, dominates the skyline, while five entrances on each of the four sides invite visitors to explore the history encapsulated within.

Knock Knock!

Darya Khan's mausoleum stands not only as a tribute to a nobleman but as an example of the rich architectural heritage of Ahmedabad. Its simplicity in design and the exclusive use of bricks make it a distinctive landmark, inviting both history enthusiasts and casual visitors to step into a bygone era.

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