Jadeshwar Van in Ahmedabad: Head to THIS green park for relaxing picnics or a peaceful stroll

Jadeshwar Van in Ahmedabad: Head to THIS green park for relaxing picnics or a peaceful stroll

Discover a perfect green spot in the heart of Odhav, ideal for picnics, jogging, or meditation.

Jadeshwar Van, once a barren 8.5-hectare dump yard, has pulled off an incredible glow-up thanks to the Gujarat Forest Department. This vast public garden offers 1 km of walking trails, spots for yoga and meditation, a lotus pond with a snazzy arched bridge, plus over 200,000 plants and trees scattered around. It's basically a green wonderland with a side of nursery and chill spots.

This green haven, now the lungs of Odhav, is the new go-to picnic spot for the folks of Ahmedabad. Perfect for family outings or squeezing in a jog at the crack of dawn or sunset. Feeling zen? They've got spaces for yoga, meditation, or just a casual stroll through the greenery to kick back.

Why it's worth checking out

The Forest Department's brainchild, the Jadeshwar Forest project, took a landfill and turned it into a cultural forest playground. It's their first attempt at bringing the forest vibe to the city chaos of Ahmedabad.

They've planted over 285,986 plants and trees in 22 blocks, making sure there's a constant burst of colors all year round. And to top it off, there's a cool 1 km trail for a leisurely walk while soaking in the green goodness.

Now, the main attraction - Kamalkund, a pond with lotus flowers and a snazzy arched bridge. Two forest cottages for lounging and a misty forest to feel like you're strolling through a city rainforest.

But wait, there's more! An activity area for unleashing your creativity, a meditation center for finding your zen, and an organic nursery giving away saplings like green candy. They're doing their part in keeping the city green, one sapling at a time.

Knock Knock!

Jadeshwar Van isn't just a transformed dump site; it's a symbol of sustainable city space.

So, whether you're a local or just passing through, come soak in the nature-meets-modern life blend. It's a green party, and you're invited!

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