Jyoti Sangh: Illuminating Ahmedabad's path to women's empowerment

Jyoti Sangh: Illuminating Ahmedabad's path to women's empowerment

Empowering women since 1934, a transformative force in Ahmedabad's history and a cornerstone in the fight for India's independence!

Ahmedabad, a crucible of the independence movement, witnessed the rise of many socio-political movements. Among these, Jyoti Sangh emerged as a shining example of empowerment, a beacon for women seeking liberation from societal constraints.

Established in 1934 by the visionary Mridula Sarabhai, Jyoti Sangh not only mirrored the fervor of Ahmedabad during the struggle for independence but also became a torchbearer for women's rights and education.

The birth of Jyoti Sangh

Mridula Sarabhai, along with other impassioned women activists, founded Jyoti Sangh in 1934. The ceremonial foundation of this organization was laid by none other than Mahatma Gandhi himself, symbolizing the endorsement of its mission to empower women across India.

It embarked on a mission to empower women by providing education, skill development, and entrepreneurship support. The organization established a library where women could explore contemporary ideas, inviting eminent personalities to deliver lectures and inspire women to break free from societal constraints. Through these initiatives, Jyoti Sangh catalyzed the entry of women into public life.

Supporting women in distress

Jyoti Sangh was not merely an educational institution; it was a beacon of hope for women facing domestic violence and other forms of abuse. The organization extended its support to empower these women, providing a sanctuary where they could find solace, strength, and the resources needed to reclaim their lives.

As the nation surged towards independence, the women of Sangh were at the forefront of the Quit India Movement. Their activism during this critical period showcased the indomitable spirit of Indian women, proving that they were not just passive observers but active participants in the fight for freedom.

Jyotisangh Vikas Yatra Museum

Today, the old building of Jyoti Sangh stands as a testament to its rich history. The Jyotisangh Vikas Yatra Museum is a living archive, chronicling the journey of women's emancipation during the freedom movement.

From Mridula Sarabhai's satyagraha activities to the courageous efforts of Charuben Yoddha, who rescued oppressed women even at gunpoint, the museum narrates the stories of diverse women activists who contributed to the cause.

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