Kai Po Chhe! Ever wondered why we fly kites on Uttarayan? Let's find out!
Nirmal Harindran

Kai Po Chhe! Ever wondered why we fly kites on Uttarayan? Let's find out!

Read about the significance of this day and why we celebrate it with kite flying.

Every January, the skies above Ahmedabad burst into a kaleidoscope of colors, laughter, and soaring kites, marking the vibrant celebration of Uttarayan or Makar Sankranti. This joyous festival, rooted in history and tradition, holds a special place in the hearts of Amdavadis.

Uttarayan signifies the arrival of longer days and the warmer embrace of the sun, marking the end of winter. Occurring annually on January 14th, this festival has become synonymous with the art of kite flying. So, as you prepare patang and manja, let us remind you why we celebrate this festival.

History of the festival

The origins of Uttarayan can be traced back to ancient times, rooted in Hindu mythology. According to the legends, the festival commemorates the change in the sun's direction, marking the end of the winter solstice. Hindus believe that the sun begins its northward journey during Uttarayan, bringing longer days and the promise of spring.

In Gujarat, Makar Sankranti celebrations and kite flying are closely connected, as flying kites is thought to represent the sun rising and winter ending. Some believe that flying kites and staying on the terrace on Makar Sankranti helps people soak in the sun's rays, aiming to ward off skin infections and winter-related illnesses.

In Ahmedabad, a spirit of friendly competition fills the air during kite battles, where Amdavadis try to cut each other's strings and keep their kite flying the longest. The contagious excitement and enthusiasm create a joyful and friendly atmosphere.

Patang, firki and moj!

Uttarayan is more than just a kite festival; it's a celebration of life, renewal, and the bonds that tie the community together. As kites dance in the sky, Amdavadis rejoice in the warmth of the sun and the promise of brighter days ahead.

Food also plays a significant role in the festivities, with households preparing traditional dishes like undhiyu and jalebi to share with neighbors and loved ones. The rooftops of Ahmedabad transform into impromptu picnic spots, with people relishing the flavors of the season.

So, Amdavadis, are you excited for this year's Uttarayan?!

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