Know about Ahmedabad's Shree Danev Foundation and their Modular OT for injured stray animals & birds

Know about Ahmedabad's Shree Danev Foundation and their Modular OT for injured stray animals & birds

The local NGO operates a hospital dedicated to caring for injured stray animals and birds, without any charges.

Shree Danev Foundation, a local NGO stands as a steadfast ally for the injured stray animals and birds. Founded by Purvi Rahul Shah in 2017, this animal rescue and treatment center has become a vital resource for the welfare of our furry and feathered friends.

The foundation has a well-equipped hospital with qualified doctors, offering a sanctuary for animals and birds in need. One of the remarkable features of the foundation is its commitment to providing free treatments for stray animals, ensuring that no creature is denied care due to financial constraints.

Modular OT and 'Jivan Sanjivani' Ambulance

The foundation has recently upgraded its operation theater to be modular, ensuring a germ-free and bacteria-free environment for the treatment of stray animals. The facility includes centralized oxygen lines, a 'Pass-box' for sterilizing medicines with UV light, and other basic norms used in human modular theaters.

The operation theater is equipped with modern machinery such as multi-parameter monitors, cautery for minimizing blood loss, X-ray machines, cardiograms, and gas anesthesia, among other advanced tools.

They also operate an ambulance named 'Jivan Sanjivani,' which serves as a mobile unit capable of providing on-the-spot treatment for animals that do not require hospitalization. This proactive approach extends to follow-up care until the animal fully recovers.

Residents encountering injured birds or animals are encouraged to bring them to the NGO or contact their helpline number for swift and compassionate medical aid.

9408690222: Hospital Helpline

9408690123: Ambulance Helpline

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