Know why Gujarat University students love THIS 45-YO dosa, chai & maska-bun stall in Ahmedabad!

Know why Gujarat University students love THIS 45-YO dosa, chai & maska-bun stall in Ahmedabad!

A tiny tea stall that turned into a beloved hangout spot.

Remember the feeling of endless hunger pangs during those never-ending college days? Between classes, assignments, and dodging that grumpy professor, all you craved was some yummy, affordable food. Well, for students studying at and around Gujarat University, Roothraj has been that saving grace for over 45 years!

It all started with a humble peddle rickshaw outside the university. Back in 1970s, Jayaprakaksh bhai was the man behind the magic, serving piping hot chai, melt-in-your-mouth maska buns, and crispy dosas. Soon, Roothraj became a go-to hang out place.

Humble beginnings

Roothraj restaurant at Uni Road
Roothraj restaurant at Uni Road

Knocksense had an exclusive conversation with Ribin Prakash, Jayaprakash's son, who now runs the show. He shared the story of how it all began - a tiny tea stall that turned into a beloved hangout spot, fueled by chai, maska buns, and good vibes.

Fast forward 15 years, and Roothraj upped its game by adding a variety of South Indian dishes to its menu. Needless to say, it was a total hit! The modest street-side place was then turned into a restaurant on CG Road two years back. Recently, another branch was opened at University Road!

Food recommendations

So, what should you order? Here are some drool-worthy recommendations: Cheese Gotala Dosa, Paneer Masala Dosa, Jini Roll Dosa, Dil Khush Dosa, and their signature Roothraj Special Dosa. Each one comes with a trio of delicious dips - spicy sambhar, tangy tomato chutney, and creamy coconut chutney.

Craving a fulfilling snack? No worries! Grab a cup of their iconic chai and a maska bun - the perfect combo for a quick and satisfying bite.

The same old taste and quality

The secret to their success? Consistency is key! Ribin shares, "We have made sure to maintain the same taste and quality over the years. We use the same Rajhans tea sourced from Assam, the same buns and butter." It's this quality and taste that keeps students and Amdavadis coming back for more.

On weekends, the place is buzzing till midnight, filled with families and friends enjoying their spicy dosas and the ultimate comfort food - chai and maska bun.

So, next time you're craving a taste of nostalgia (or just some good South Indian food!), head over to Roothraj and experience Jayaprakash's legacy!

Location: GF-003, Vishwanath Northview, Opp. LD Engineering, University Road, Ahmedabad

Price: Approx. ₹ 340 for two

Hours: 6 AM to 11:30 PM

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