Magen Abraham Synagogue: A glimpse into Ahmedabad's Jewish heritage

Magen Abraham Synagogue: A glimpse into Ahmedabad's Jewish heritage

Discover the sole synagogue of Gujarat - Magen Abraham, a unique architectural gem in Ahmedabad.

The Magen Abraham Synagogue, consecrated in 1934, stands as Gujarat's only synagogue, a masterpiece of Indo-Judaica architecture. Its European-inspired grandeur, featuring Grecian pillars and a majestic Ark, is a testament to the enduring spirit of the vibrant Bene Israel Jews community in the city.

Nestled near diverse religious monuments, the synagogue boasts a unique charm with marble floors, stained glass, and a commitment to preserving cultural heritage.

Read to know about the history of Bene Israel Jews community in the city and the beauty of this synagogue.

Journey of the Bene Israel Jews

The Bene Israel Jews arrived in Ahmedabad during the 1800s, originating from Mumbai and the Konkan Coast. Their migration was intertwined with the British services, where many initially found employment in the army, railways, and coastal services. Over time, they diversified into various professions, making significant contributions to the city's development as lawyers, doctors, and educationalists proficient in both English and Gujarati.

Notably, their impact on education in East Ahmedabad is profound. Several English Medium schools in Maninagar owe their origins to the Bene Israel Jews, maintaining their reputation as thriving centers of education to this day.

The Magen Abraham Synagogue

The Magen Abraham Synagogue, consecrated on September 2nd, 1934, stands as the only synagogue in Gujarat. Built with donations from the Bene Israel Jewish community, this architectural gem showcases European-style influences prevalent at the time, boasting Grecian pillars, a triangular roof, high ceilings, and exquisite artistic details.

Architectural Grandeur

With its marble chequered floor, large ark, movable pews, and European-inspired design, the synagogue captivates visitors. The interior is adorned with stained glass windows and chandeliers that cast an ethereal glow. The Ark, facing Jerusalem, features the Ten Commandments inscribed in marble with both Hebrew and Marathi words.

Proud of its collection of Hebrew Torahs, the synagogue showcases religious artifacts and architectural details that reflect a commitment to preserving the rich cultural heritage.

In the tapestry of Ahmedabad's history, the Magen Abraham Synagogue stands as an iconic heritage emblem. Built on the tenets of Indo-Judaica architectural form, this synagogue not only preserves the city's Jewish heritage but also serves as a living testament to the enduring spirit of a community that has enriched Ahmedabad in more ways than one.

Location: Bukhara Mohalla, Near Khamasa Cross Roads, Opp-Parsi Agiyari, Ahmedabad-380001.

Visiting hours: 10 AM to 11 AM, 4 PM to 6 PM

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