March 17 News Roundup | AI Chatbots security threat, Kohinoor diamond and more

March 17 News Roundup | AI Chatbots security threat, Kohinoor diamond and more

Catch up with the latest news and updates of international significance.

From the controversial 'Kohinoor' diamond to be displayed in England as 'symbol of conquest' to FIFA presidential elections, read on for your daily dose of international news in the March 17 news roundup.

700 Indian students to be deported from Canada due to fake Visa docs

A total of 700 students, who had applied for Canadian study visas through Education Migration Services in Jalandhar have received deportation notices. The admission offer letters these students submitted to educational institutions were found to be fake.

UK to display Kohinoor diamond as 'symbol of conquest'

The controversial Kohinoor diamond from the colonial era, which India claims, will be displayed in the Tower of London as one of Britain's Crown Jewels. The new exhibition, where the diamond will be on display, will open a few weeks after the coronation of King Charles.

Gianni Infantino to stay FIFA President till 2027

Gianni Infantino was re-elected as FIFA President in the federation's 73rd Congress held in the Kigali city of Rwanda. At the event, Infantino emphasized the importance of inviting more and more nations to participate in global football tournaments.

UK Cyber Security firm warns of AI Chatbot dangers

A spy agency from the United Kingdom has raised an alarm regarding the security threat that AI chatbots like ChatGPT pose. The agency said that sensitive queries by users are stored by such chatbots, which can be hacked or leaked by miscreants on the internet.

Citing security concerns, NZ bans Tiktok from devices of MPs

New Zealand MPs will not be able to use TikTok, which is a Chinese-owned video sharing platform. The reason behind this ban is the fact that a company based out of Beijing owns TikTok and their MPs user data might be at risk of being stolen amid growing concerns about TikTok's user policy.

Belgium becomes second EU member to recognize Buddhism

Belgium has become the second member nation from the European Union to recognize Buddhism after Austria. This comes as a great news for the 1,50,000 people in Belgium who identify as Buddhists. The Belgium Buddhist Association had requested for the recognition back in 2006.

China President to talk about peace in Ukraine on Russia visit

Alexandr Demyanchuk

Chinese President Xi Jinping is scheduled to visit Russia between March 20 and 22. According to reports, Xi Jinping will talk about the Ukraine peace plan on his visit. It must be noted that China had earlier called for peace but have also justified Russia's concern about NATO expansion.

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