Mata Ni Pachedi, Devotion on Fabric: Learn Ahmedabad's indigenous art at THIS workshop!

Mata Ni Pachedi, Devotion on Fabric: Learn Ahmedabad's indigenous art at THIS workshop!

Explore and learn the age-old craft of Mata Ni Pachedi by the local artists!

Centuries ago, when the nomadic Vaghri community was not allowed to enter temples, they ingeniously crafted their own moving shrines. This artistic endeavor was Mata Ni Pachedi – hand-painted cloth adorned with narrative depictions of goddesses and worshippers.

Today, this intricate and divine art form thrives as an indigenous expression, upheld by local artists in Ahmedabad. If this ancient art captivates you too, consider yourself lucky!

The Maaie Artistry is hosting a workshop, offering participants the opportunity to delve into the depths of this traditional art creation, guided by skilled local artists. Better yet, you'll leave the workshop with your own piece of Mata Ni Pachedi!

What is Mata Ni Pachedi?

Translated as "behind the goddess," Mata Ni Pachedi functions as a sacred canvas portraying mythological stories through intricate hand-painted designs. Originating from the Ahmedabad and Kaira districts of Gujarat, the history of this indigenous art is as captivating as the art itself.

Legend has it that the Vaghri community, denied access to temples by the dominant upper castes, ingeniously crafted their own moving shrine dedicated to the Goddess. These depictions include imagery of Shakti and various goddess forms, often accompanied by worshippers or characters from mythologies.

Traditionally used to adorn temple walls or as a backdrop for temporary shrines, Mata Ni Pachedi is now among the traditional art forms of Gujarat.

Workshop Details

If you're also enchanted by Mata Ni Pachedi then Maaie Artistry invites you to a workshop where you can witness, learn, and immerse yourself in this art. Engage with the remaining few artists who continue to practice this craft, gaining insights into painting, dyeing, and boiling techniques while listening to their captivating stories and experiences within the community.

As part of the workshop, you'll also be taken to the Sabarmati River to witness a segment of the creation process. The primary goal is to introduce the current generation to this rich cultural legacy and ensure its preservation. Additionally, you will get to take home your own hand-painted Mata Ni Pachedi as a tangible piece of this traditional art form!

Workshop Details:

  • Date: 3rd March

  • Time: 11 AM to 3:30 PM

  • Location: Vasna, Raval Nagar, Berej Rd, opp. DIVINE LIFE ENGLISH SCHOOL, BH. Jawahar Nagar, Sundarvan Society, Narayan Nagar, Ahmedabad

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