Midnight cravings? This list comprising street food places in Ahmedabad has you covered!

Midnight cravings? This list comprising street food places in Ahmedabad has you covered!

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Hunting for food late night, and the left overs in the fridge are a big turn-off? Don't worry, we'll keep you sorted with these delicious delights that you can devour in the streets of Ahmedabad even at night! Each of the markets has something unique to offer for a one of a kind gastronomical journey. With favorites like Amdos Kitchen, Baghdad Fry Center and more, we bring you some other favorites to drool over.

Manek Chowk

Though a busy jewellery hub in the day time, Manek Chowk turns into a foodie's hub at night for all the fans of local flavours. The place offers a variety of cuisine from all over India and some international delicacies as well. Perfect for late night sessions, this place remains open late till 2:00 AM. Here you can devour the best Chinese street food delights, sandwiches, pav-bhaji, Gwalior dosa, pani-puri, dabeli, chaat, and what not!

Urban Chowk

Open till 5 o'clock in the morning and boasting a chic ambience with good seating arrangement, it offers live screening of matches, and live music. This is a complete foodies junction for options like gotala dosa, Rajasthani food, potato twisters, maggi variations and a variety of Chinese, Mexican, Lebanese cuisines.

Akbari Hotel, Bhatiyar Gali

The city's culinary exploration would be incomplete if we miss the famous Bhatiyar Gali, which means, 'a street full of cooks'. It's a perfect specimen of India's culinary traditions, especially Ahmedabad's rich Mughlai cuisine. The wide variety of food that this place offers, makes it the best place for non-vegetarian to try some mouth-watering dishes like Chicken Angaar, keema samosas, tava biryani, and chaap fry, etc.

Ahmedabad Street Food Park

Ahmedabad Street Food Park is one of the most famous street food places for exploring the local food scene. From street style Chinese to Gujrati Snacks, Ahmedabad Street Food Park has it all. And you absolutely need not worry about the timing as it's open till 2:00 AM.

The Food Truck Park

The food truck park is situated in the heart of this city. The place provides an expensive variety of food items along with a great ambiance. The menu here ranges from crispy snacks to delicious desserts. The street food in Ahmedabad has got a new trend by the advent of food trucks that now forms an important feature of the city.

HL College Road

This is another place that is filled with food wagons and small food installments which serve tasty snacks and soft drinks. Here, one can indulge in tasty vegetable cheese tadka Maggi and masala Maggi which is one of the favorite fast foods of the area. There are many other fast food and snacks that include potato twisters, paneer tikkas, frankies and manchurian among many others.

So, the next time you're out for late night food hunting, do stop at these places to satisfy your taste buds. Happy eating!

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