Minimalism meets Mother Nature | Here's why you need to visit Table by the Tree in Ahmedabad

Minimalism meets Mother Nature | Here's why you need to visit Table by the Tree in Ahmedabad

Coffee with a view of art, trees, monkeys and more? Yes, please!

Imagine walking into a cafe, where the serene minimalist decor immediately sets a calm, welcoming tone. Now, picture an indoor space, where two living trees stand proudly, and large windows reveal a view of captivating art, more trees, and sometimes, playful monkeys. On some days, maybe even peacocks!

It almost sounds magical - doesn't it? But this is the everyday reality at "Table by the Tree" - the newly-opened indoor space at Cafe Natarani, in Ahmedabad.

A part of Darpana Academy

Cafe Natarani has always been a top choice in Ahmedabad, for artists and anyone seeking a quiet retreat. Nestled within the Darpana Academy of Performing Arts, the outdoor cafe has long been adorned with nature and art. Now, its newly opened indoor space, Table by the Tree, offers a cosy, equally charming extension.

Step inside, and you’ll find a beautifully subtle setting. Art pieces and books are thoughtfully scattered around, creating an inviting atmosphere. The two indoor trees are a testament to the cafe’s commitment to nature – instead of cutting them down, they’ve been embraced as part of the cafe’s unique charm.

Sit by the windows with views of sculptures and greenery

What truly sets this space apart are the large windows, that open up to a courtyard filled with mud sculptures and more greenery. On lucky days, you might spot monkeys frolicking or even a peacock making an appearance. The experience feels akin to visiting a museum, where you can enjoy both art and nature simultaneously!

Knock Knock!

Whether you’re there to read a book, listen to the tasteful background music, or savour delicious food, Cafe Natarani’s new indoor space is a unique spot to unwind and relax in Ahmedabad.

Location: Darpana Academy Near Usmanpura Cross Road Ashram Road, Near Usmanpura Cross

Timing: 10 AM to 10 PM

5 PM to 10 PM (Sundays)

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