Navtad Samosas of Ahmedabad: A culinary journey into its history

Navtad Samosas of Ahmedabad: A culinary journey into its history

Find out how this Amdavadi version of Samosas came to be!

Many Amdavadis fondly recall the nostalgic moments of their old-ones returning home with a bag brimming with Navtad Samosas. These our beloved fried snacks that offer a distinct samosa experience in Ahmedabad.

Unlike the traditional potato-filled samosas, these delectable treats are filled with dry daal, enveloped in a crispy outer covering reminiscent of Patti samosas, and served with a flavorful daal chutney.

Origins of the dish

The Amdavadi version of Navtad Samosas is believed to have originated in the historic Navtad ni Pol of the Old city. Locals from this neighborhood experimented with the beloved snack, replacing the conventional potato filling with a flavorful blend of lentils or daal, resulting in a distinctive taste that set it apart.

Legend has it that this culinary fusion began when Mojulalal Darbar, seeking new opportunities, relocated from Surat to establish his business in Ahmedabad— an emerging business hub in 1956. Unbeknownst to him, his venture, the 'Darbar Samosa Center,' would revolutionize the snacking habits of the city's residents.

Unique features

What distinguishes Navtad Samosas from their counterparts is the lentil filling, crafted with an array of Indian spices, offering a departure from the traditional potato stuffing. The accompaniment, dal chutney, mirrors the samosa's distinctiveness, prepared with a similar lentil filling to enhance the overall flavor profile.

This innovation has not only become a beloved snack in Ahmedabad but has also become an integral part of the city's culinary heritage. Navtad Samosas continue to evoke cherished memories and remain a symbol of the rich culinary diversity that defines Ahmedabad's gastronomic landscape.

So, if you crave this local dish, head to the Navtad Pol in Old Ahmedabad and get yourself a dish of piping hot Navtad Samosas!

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