Of mills and minarets: 9 facts about Ahmedabad you probably didn't know

Of mills and minarets: 9 facts about Ahmedabad you probably didn't know

We swear we won't list the obvious ones here!

Is there a feeling greater than sharing a cool fact with your buddies that they didn't have a clue about? You tell half a dozen facts over a period of a couple of months and you're officially the 'smart one' in the group– that's all you gotta do.

Luckily, for Amdavadis, the city they call home boasts an extensive collection of trivia that isn't quite commonly known. So, here are 9 facts about Ahmedabad for you, to share on your next sitting with your pals!

A tale of three names

Over centuries, Ahmedabad has undergone a change of names. The city was previously named 'Ashaval' before the name was being changed to 'Karnavati' somewhere in subsequent centuries. It was only when the city came under the rule of Ahmed Shah in early 15th century that it got its current name, Ahmedabad.

The 'City of Mills'

Throughout history, Ahmedabad has been home to some of the most important textile mills in the country. From the Calico Mills and Arvind Mills to Reliance Textiles, there's a never-ending list of mills in Ahmedabad. And that's why so many industries have set up shop in the city over the years.

City's Kankaria Lake inspired the SBI logo

The State Bank of India is one of the largest banks in the world. And you must be all too familiar with the famous SBI logo. But did you know that the logo is inspired by the aerial view of the Kankaria Lake in Ahmedabad? Yes, this is another thing for Amdavadis to boast about.

Home to the country's second-oldest stock exchange

Ahmedabad's stock exchange is the second-oldest stock exchange in the country, after the world-renowned Bombay stock exchange. Established in 1875, the exchange uses the auspicious Hinduism symbol of 'Swastika' as its logo.

The iconic 'Shaking Minarets'

Ahmedabad is home to a monument that has been puzzling tourists and architects for ages. At the Jhulta Minar or Shaking Minarets in Ahmedabad, both pillars which vibrate when you shake either of the two, making it a highly unique architectural marvel, the only of its kind across the globe.

India's second IIM city

Ahmedabad was the second Indian city to boast an IIM, only after Calcutta (now Kolkata). Today, IIM Ahmedabad is considered one of the leading business schools not only in India but in the Asia-Pacific region. This is also the best IIM in India, as per the latest NIRF rankings.

Home to the world's largest cricket stadium

Formerly known as the Motera stadium, Ahmedabad's Narendra Modi stadium, with a seating capacity of 1,32,000 is the world's largest cricket stadium. Today, it is one of the most prominent international cricketing venues in India for Test, ODI and T20 matches.

Only Indian city with an IIM, IIT and NID

Another lesser-known fact about Ahmedabad is that it is the only city in India that boasts an IIM, IIT and NID. All of these premier educational institutes in Ahmedabad are among the top Indian institutes in their distinct streams.

Home to a unique restaurant built on a graveyard

For the macabre foodies among you, there's a unique restaurant in Ahmedabad named 'Lucky Restaurant'. The singular thing about this restaurant is that it serves some delicious breakfast but next to a grave, as you can see in the picture. In spite of such a backstory, Amdavadis have been enjoying their meals at the restaurant for decades now.

Knock Knock

So, which of these facts were you aware of and which did you have no idea about? Anyways, we'll be back with more such facts. Until then, don't forget to brag about these unique facts among your friends!

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