On the occasion of Patang Hotel's grand reopening, let's look back at its iconic journey!

On the occasion of Patang Hotel's grand reopening, let's look back at its iconic journey!

Offering a 360 view of Ahmedabad, the hotel became a city icon.

In the early 1980s, Patang Hotel, formally known as Neelkanth Patang – The Revolving Restaurant emerged as groundbreaking architectural marvel of Ahmedabad. Marking a pioneering achievement, Patang Hotel stood as India's first ever revolving restaurant, soaring to an impressive height of 221 feet (67 meters) above ground level.

Offering patrons a breathtaking 360-degree vista of the city, it combined panoramic views with an enticing array of local and international cuisine, swiftly garnering acclaim and enchanting visitors from near and far. As this city icon reopens its door, let us revisit its history and story!

Making of a city icon

The story of Patang Hotel began in the years 1980-1984 when it was constructed. Its design, conceptualized by architect Hasmukh Patel, drew inspiration from Ahmedabad's iconic Chabutaras, bird feeding towers. The name "Patang," meaning kite, was chosen to reflect the soaring spirit of the establishment. Set high above the city, the hotel itself resembles a gracefully gliding kite. Powered by Japanese technology, the upper part of the restaurant revolves around the center, completing a full 360-degree rotation in 90 minutes.

This novel place quickly became the emblem of the city. It was also renowned for its buffet-style service, featuring a delectable array of 40-45 vegetarian dishes representing Indian, Continental, Thai, and Chinese cuisines. The restaurant also earned a reputation as a must-visit tourist attraction.

However, the devastating earthquake of 2001 shook the very foundation of this beloved icon, forcing its closure. But yesterday, after four years of meticulous renovation and revamping efforts, the hotel reopened with a grand ceremony, igniting the joy of Amdavadis once again.

The revival

After the 2001, the restaurant lay dormant until 2007 when real-estate and infrastructure giant Dharmadev Group acquired the property and operated it until 2019. It was during this period that plans for restoration took shape. However, the COVID-19 pandemic posed unexpected challenges.

After 4 years of renovation, the restaurant now boasts a seating capacity of 110, accommodating an additional 80 guests. At the zenith of the structure, a water tank has been ingeniously repurposed to house a table reserved for special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries. Accessible via a capsule lift, this "celebration table" promises an exclusive and unforgettable dining experience.

Furthermore, a garden restaurant serving authentic Gujarati thali has been introduced at ground level, expanding the culinary offerings for patrons. To mark its grand reopening, a 14-course curated meal has been added to the revolving restaurant's menu for the first month. Guests can relish a diverse selection of cuisines, including Asian, modern Indian, Continental, and international fare.

With the holiday season and World Cup matches gracing the city, the timing couldn't be more perfect for the relaunch of Patang Hotel. This iconic landmark, with its new features and culinary delights, is poised to reclaim its position as a shining symbol of Ahmedabad.

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