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Opening of Ahmedabad Pickleball Arena brings another exciting sporting venue to the city

A brainchild of women entrepreneurs from the city, Ahmedabad Pickleball Arena will cater to the Pickleball enthusiasts of the city

Pickleball, a relatively unexplored racket sport in our city, is now gaining popularity and becoming a beloved activity among the locals. Recognizing this growing interest, Radhika Trivedi, Janki Vakil, and Priyata Ravani collaborated to establish the Ahmedabad Pickleball Arena, a state-of-the-art Pickleball academy in Ahmedabad. It will provide a remarkable venue for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

This innovative academy was recently inaugurated by renowned actor Sanjay Dutt, along with the presence of NRI businessman and philanthropist, Jay Patel.

A sports academy AND a hang-out venue

The newly launched Ahmedabad Pickleball Arena features six spacious courts and offers all the necessary amenities. It not only caters to Pickleball enthusiasts by providing an immersive and top-notch experience, but also serves as a gathering place for friends and families to engage in enjoyable sports, perspire, and socialize.

This innovative venture has quickly become a new go-to destination for the locals, adding to the city's vibrant sporting options.

The grand opening 

During the inauguration ceremony, Sanjay Dutt praised the women leaders behind this initiative, acknowledging their dedication and vision. He emphasized the importance of such places in modern times, where young individuals can find avenues for healthy engagement and entertainment.

Jay Patel also emphasized the growing need for physical activities in today's society, given the increasing obsession with social media and sedentary lifestyles. He applauded the efforts of Radhika, Janki, and Priyata in promoting an active and balanced lifestyle through their Pickleball Arena.

The presence of both Sanjay Dutt and Jay Patel added an extra charm to the inauguration ceremony, inspiring others to embrace and support such initiatives that promote physical fitness and well-being in the community.

What is Pickle-ball? 

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing fun sports that combine elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. This American sport involves playing with a short paddle and a plastic ball with holes. 

Location: Ahmedabad Pickleball Arena, Nr. Zaveri circle, Karnavati club road, Mumatpura, Ahmedabad

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