Preserving the legacy of Ahmedabad: AMC to undertake Ellis Bridge's transformative redevelopment

Preserving the legacy of Ahmedabad: AMC to undertake Ellis Bridge's transformative redevelopment

A rejuvenation project will be undertaken for Ellis Bridge, with the aim of safeguarding its heritage value while enhancing its structural soundness.

The historic Ellis Bridge, an enduring symbol of Ahmedabad's heritage, is on the brink of a transformative redevelopment. This iconic steel structure has withstood the test of time, serving as a vital link for the city's growth. However, the toll of time has made its impact, necessitating urgent action to ensure its preservation and the safety of those who traverse it.

Guided by expert recommendations, the AMC is embarking on a meticulous project to fortify the bridge's foundation and enhance its structural integrity. This endeavor not only seeks to safeguard history but also envisions a future where the Ellis Bridge stands as a renewed cultural landmark.

Inside the Ellis Bridge redevelopment

The iconic Ellis Bridge, a historical landmark spanning the Sabarmati River, is set to undergo a significant redevelopment. Erected around 1892, this heritage steel marvel has played a vital role in Ahmedabad's history and growth. Unfortunately, over time, the bridge's condition has deteriorated, posing risks to its structural integrity and the safety of pedestrians and motorists passing beneath it.

To address this pressing issue, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has taken the initiative to reinforce the bridge, guided by recommendations from expert consultants following a metallurgical survey. In 2020, the AMC enlisted the expertise of consultants to outline conservation measures, including the use of reinforced steel alloy patches to enhance the bridge's piers and overall structural stability.

After two years of meticulous analysis and testing, a comprehensive plan has been devised to ensure the bridge's resilience and the safety of those using it. This entails repairing truss joints and bottom girders, as well as replacing bottom stringers and joints. The project also encompasses the installation of new bearings, necessary modifications to lacing and bracing, and adjustments to the composite pier structure. An anti-corrosion treatment is also slated to protect the existing piers.

Beyond structural improvements, the AMC envisions elevating the bridge into a tourist attraction. Plans include incorporating decorative landscaping and seating arrangements, with a corresponding tender on the horizon. This multifaceted endeavor aims not only to preserve the historical significance of the Ellis Bridge but also to enhance its appeal as a cherished destination for visitors.

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