Progress and Sustainability: Gujarat's stride towards green growth and effective governance

Progress and Sustainability: Gujarat's stride towards green growth and effective governance

The CM revealed plans to boost growth through a solid infrastructure network while also encouraging environmentally conscious development.

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel's address at Valsad's Independence Day Celebrations unveils Gujarat's future shaped by green growth and effective governance. Supported by a substantial budget and transformative endeavors, this roadmap signifies the state's unwavering commitment to advancement and sustainability.

Forging a Sustainable Future

Speaking at the state-level Independence Day Celebrations in Valsad, Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel outlined Gujarat's ambitious plans for the future. He emphasized the state's focus on green growth and effective governance, with the aim of elevating India's global standing.

Highlighting the budget and forthcoming initiatives, Patel disclosed that the state government has allocated a substantial Rs 3 lakh crore this year. The objective is to accelerate progress by strengthening essential infrastructure and advancing environmentally conscious development.

The budget's foundation is built upon five key pillars: ensuring essential needs for all citizens, enhancing education and skills, fortifying infrastructure, fostering agricultural and industrial growth, and fostering sustainable practices for a greener tomorrow.

During the event, another noteworthy announcement was made by the Chief Minister. A significant project valued at Rs 866 crore was unveiled, which is set to provide water to 279 villages in the Dang district. This transformative effort will positively impact the lives of around 3.71 lakh individuals, providing them access to a daily water supply of 38 million liters.

Additionally, the CM emphasized the government's resolute stance against crime, including the prevention of drug smuggling into the state. This underscores the commitment to ensuring security and propelling an environment conducive to progress.

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