Rani no Hajiro in Ahmedabad: The beautiful resting place of Sultanate Queens of Gujarat

Rani no Hajiro in Ahmedabad: The beautiful resting place of Sultanate Queens of Gujarat

Delve into the fascinating history and architecture of Rani no Hajiro in Ahmedabad, where the Sultanate Queens of Gujarat found their eternal repose.

Our Ahmedabad is a timeless city where echoes of a rich Sultanate heritage still linger. Among its historical marvels lie not just the footprints of a bygone era, but the final resting places of illustrious figures, immortalized in the form of tombs. One such enchanting spot is the Rani no Hajiro, a captivating site also known as Mughalai Bibi's Tomb or the Tombs of Ahmed Shah's Queens.

Nestled to the east of Ahmed Shah's tomb, this awe-inspiring complex stands proud with eight resplendent marble tombs, once belonging to the esteemed queens of Ahmed Shah I and other revered Gujarat Sultanate rulers. Each tomb is a masterpiece in itself, meticulously carved and adorned with the finest mother-of-pearl and metal work, narrating tales of regal splendor.

A Glimpse of History and Architectural Marvels

The very air here whispers captivating stories of these queens, leaving visitors mesmerized by the richness of their legacies. As you wander through this sacred ground, a sense of realization washes over you, that these tombs hold within them, a timeless charm.

Back in 1445, Ahmed Shah himself commissioned the construction of this royal burial vault, preserving the legacy of Mughal queens in Gujarat. As you walk through the high walls encircling the graves, you'll be greeted by majestic stone carvings adorning the outer perimeter. Within the enclosure lies a central burial area, surrounded by a graceful cloister or veranda.

The courtyard is a sight to behold, enveloped in a trellised cloister embellished with intricately carved stone screens. Covering a square open enclosure of 36.58 meters on each side, the atmosphere feels both serene and grand.

The Tales of the Queens

Among these beautiful tombs, the principal one belongs to Mughalai Bibi, the esteemed wife of Muhammad Shah II and the loving mother of Mahmud Begada. Crafted from white marble, her tomb boasts a Persian inscription, adding an aura of elegance.

Close by, you'll discover another tomb made of black marble, once adorned with mother-of-pearl, belonging to Mirki or Murki Bibi, the wife of Shah e Alam, the sister of a queen, and the daughter of Jam of Sindh. These tombs are covered by rich brocade works, a testament to the artistic style that flourished during Ahmed Shah I's reign. The intricate stone tracery and carvings showcase a delightful fusion of Hindu, Jain, and Islamic architectural influences.

The Vibrant Marketplace

As you explore the bustling area surrounding this historical marvel, you'll find yourself amidst a vibrant market offering an array of women's clothing, jewelry, and accessories. This market is renowned for some of the most stunning Chaniya choli stores and oxidized jewelry in town. So why not make a day out of it? After immersing yourself in the tales of the queens, venture into the market.

So come, embrace the charm of Rani no Hajiro, and be enchanted by Ahmedabad's regal past and vibrant present!

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