Sabarmati Riverfront will soon transform into a Boating Escapade Hub with new boating points

Sabarmati Riverfront will soon transform into a Boating Escapade Hub with new boating points

SRFDCL is set to revolutionize the Sabarmati Riverfront, offering an array of boating experiences, from high-speed thrills to leisurely yachts.

Exciting developments are underway for the Sabarmati Riverfront as it prepares to introduce two additional boating points. This expansion aims to elevate the recreational experiences for Amdavadis, offering a diverse range of boats including speed, pedal boats, yachts, party boats, aqua rollers, aqua cycles, and smaller capacity closed crew boats. 

The addition of these watercraft options will transform the beloved public space into a vibrant hub for water activities.

Which are the new boating points?

Paras Shah

The Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation Ltd (SRFDCL) has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to establish three boating points primarily intended for commercial use, further enhancing the already thriving recreational atmosphere. The expired agency operations at Vallabh Sadan point prompted its inclusion in the RFP, alongside two new sites: Ghat no. 4 on the west side of the Riverfront and a location near Dadhichi bridge on the east side. 

These services are expected to commence in September and will operate throughout the year, even in water levels as low as 3-4 feet.

SRFDCL receives impressive bids surpassing base price

Vallabh Sadan, with a base price of Rs 43 lakhs and an annual 10% increase, was successfully secured by Yahoo WaterSports from Mandvi for an approximate annual fee of Rs 1 Crore. The boating points at Ghat no. 4 and near Dadhichi bridge, with a base price of Rs 7 lakh and an annual 10% escalation, were awarded to Udaipur-based Yash Amusement for Rs 23 lakh and Rs 18 lakh per annum, respectively. 

These contracts are valid for a five-year term, with the possibility of a two-year extension based on satisfactory performance and annual evaluations.

To ensure the highest safety standards, the agencies will need to obtain necessary approvals, clearance, and registration from the Gujarat Maritime Board. 

The board will conduct inspections to verify compliance with mandatory safety measures, including the provision of high-quality life jackets and lifeguards. Only after meeting these requirements will the final permits be granted.

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