September 1 News Round up| Ahmedabad's Female Mayor, 'Eris' Covid Variant Cases & more

September 1 News Round up| Ahmedabad's Female Mayor, 'Eris' Covid Variant Cases & more

Catch up on the latest news and updates from Ahmedabad and Gujarat.

From the emergence of the 'Eris' Covid variant in Gujarat to the appointment of Ahmedabad's female mayor, and the alarming rain deficiency in August, here are the latest trending news and updates from in this September 1 News Round up.

Gujarat's Most Rain-Deficient August in Over a Decade

August 2023 marked the most rain-deficient August in Gujarat in more than a decade. While the monsoon season began with torrential rainfall due to Cyclone Biparjoy, the subsequent months proved to be disappointing for the state. Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar were among the hardest-hit districts, experiencing over a 25% rainfall deficit.

Two cases of ‘Eris’ covid variant recorded in Gujarat

Gujarat has reported two cases of the 'Eris' Covid variant, also known as the EG.5 strain. This variant has been associated with a surge in Covid cases in various countries. One case was detected in Ahmedabad, and the other in Vadodara. Thankfully, both patients have successfully recovered from the virus.

Female Mayor for Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is set to have a female mayor. As per the Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations (Reservation in the Office of the Mayor) Rules, a woman will assume the mayoral role for the upcoming two-and-a-half years, marking a significant milestone for the city.

Blue Uniforms for Gujarat Police Drivers

To address concerns of police drivers being mistaken for officers and engaging in illicit activities, Gujarat police have made a noteworthy decision. The Department of Police has decided to outfit its 1,250 drivers with distinctive blue uniforms. This move aims to clearly differentiate them from regular police personnel, enhancing transparency and public trust.

Stay tuned for more updates from across the city and follow-ups on these stories.

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