Seven sweets in Ahmedabad you can't miss out on!

Seven sweets in Ahmedabad you can't miss out on!

Can't let any of these pass if you have a sweet tooth.

Here's the thing- Ahmedabad, as we all know, is the textile hub of India. At the same time, the city has loads of sweet delicacies that are central to Gujarati culture. These range from well known desi mithais, to some lesser known local gems. And to cap it off, there's a range of sweets in Ahmedabad itself that make for the perfect dessert, no matter the occasion.

So, if your sweet tooth is asking for an adventure, here's our list of seven sweets in Ahmedabad you just can't miss out on.


The creamy texture combined with its rich taste make Shrikhand a fixture in Gujarati and Marathi households. Usually served with puris, a bowl of Shrikhand by itself is enough to take your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride of heart-warming sweetness. Also, there's a slew of sweet shops in Ahmedabad that offer authentic Shrikhand.


Made from besan, ghee and sugar, a plate of fresh Mohanthal from afar will make the foodie in you jump in anticipation. And when you finally stick your tooth into this delicacy, you'll understand why we've put this one on the list of must-try sweets in Ahmedabad. It's gold hue and fragrance make it all the more appetizing.


Those from Northern India can consider Basundi to be a distant cousin of their beloved Rabri. As creamy in texture as it is flavorful in taste, Basundi is made by boiling the milk on low heat till it is reduced to half of its original quantity. This one is a favorite of people when they're fasting and can also be found in the sweets section of any Indian wedding.

Surati Ghari

Brought to you from Surat, the diamond city of India, the Surati Ghari is a special sweet consumed by Gujaratis on the occasion of Chandani Padva. With puri batter on the outside and fillings of mawa, ghee and sugar on the inside, treating yourself to this one is a dream-like exploration of sweetness every foodie would love to go on.

Sabudana Kheer

This delicious Indian pudding, with its creamy texture and delicious sweetness is a favorite of those fasting for Navratri. But once you try it on your trip to Ahmedabad, it is sure to become yours too. What's more? Sabudana Kheer is also a great energizer that is easy to digest and provides a cooling effect to your body.


When in Ahmedabad, you can't miss out on the Gujarati Kansar (also known as Lapsi). Made from Jaggery and whole wheat flour, it is customary in Gujarati cultures for the bride and groom to eat this sweet dish on the first day of their marriage. But let's be honest, no one needs an excuse to stick their tooth into this delicious entry into our list of must try sweets in Ahmedabad.

Gujarati Aamras

We didn't need to write a word on this one, right? A picture of Aamras is appetizing enough, isn't it? This mango dessert is a favorite of Gujaratis and they love to have it with puris or chapatis. But its rich texture coupled with the punchy taste make it a great summer dessert option, as well. Guess what? You can use the toppings as per your choice and give it the twist of taste you love!

Knock Knock

So, if you're planning to spend as little as a day in Ahmedabad anytime soon, don't miss out on these Gujarati delights. And Amdavadis, we aren't telling you anything you don't know, are we? Anyways, we'll get back to you. We have a plate of Gujarati Kansar waiting, see ya!

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