Sewa ni Haveli in Ahmedabad that fosters and promotes the rich legacy of heritage arts and crafts

Sewa ni Haveli in Ahmedabad that fosters and promotes the rich legacy of heritage arts and crafts

After restoration, this haveli is now houses Design Sewa, serving as both the marketing outlet and activity hub for Sewa's artisans.

Located in the Dhal ni Pol of Ahmedabad, Sewa ni Haveli is a three-story British-Colonial-style building that functions as the designated marketing outlet for 'Design Sewa'. Acquired by the Sewa Cooperative Federation, this colonial-era haveli now proudly hosts the marketing endeavors of artisan members affiliated with the cooperative.

Having undergone meticulous restoration, the haveli stands as a radiant testament to the city's opulent heritage and the unwavering resilience of its traditional crafts.

About Design Sewa and Sewa Kalakruti

Design Sewa, housed within Sewa ni Haveli, functions as a dynamic center for design intervention and solutions for artisans. It stands as a testament to the commitment to craftsmanship and the preservation of traditional arts. Concurrently, Sewa Kalakruti, operating from this heritage space, offers marketing solutions for the handicrafts produced by the artisans affiliated with the cooperative.

Stepping into Sewa ni Haveli is like entering a world where craftsmanship thrives. The three-storey building, adorned with stuccowork, decorative balconies, and carved wooden pillars, exudes an old-world charm.

Inside, various workshops bustle with activity, offering glimpses into the meticulous processes of artisans engaged in block printing, embroidery, and patchwork. The crafts promoted by Sewa Kalakruti encompass a diverse range, including Bandhani tie-dye, puppets, badla-work, and crochet. Visitors can explore and purchase garments, home linen, accessories, and more, all showcasing the skill and creativity of these artisans.

SEWA and global empowerment

The Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), an initiative originating in Ahmedabad, plays a pivotal role in the empowerment of women, not just locally but on a global scale. Founded by the esteemed Elaben Bhatt, a recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay Award, SEWA is a beacon for women's empowerment.

The SEWA Cooperative Federation, established in 1992, envisions a business environment where women-led social businesses can compete effectively with traditional companies.

Preserving heritage, empowering women

Sewa ni Haveli, with its intertwining narratives of heritage preservation and women's empowerment, encapsulates the spirit of SEWA's mission. The Abodana cooperative, an all-women artisans' group under the SEWA Cooperative Federation, engages in a plethora of crafts within the haveli's walls.

This center is a dynamic space where heritage art forms are not only preserved but also celebrated.

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