Shifting gears and breaking norms: Ahmedabad women to take the wheel as lorry drivers in Europe!

Shifting gears and breaking norms: Ahmedabad women to take the wheel as lorry drivers in Europe!

These women will earn around Rs 1.5 lakh per month, coupled with the opportunity to acquire a commercial license, enabling them to work across Europe.

The road to equality is often paved with courage and determination. That's exactly what's fueling the journey of six extraordinary women from Ahmedabad's Driverben initiative. As they gear up to steer the wheel of change, these women are poised to rewrite history by becoming lorry drivers in Hungary, a ride that's rewriting norms and leaving stereotypes in the dust.

DriverBen igniting change in male-dominated fields

As the movement for women's empowerment and equality continues to gain momentum, a non-profit organization in Ahmedabad is leading the way by forging new paths in fields that have been dominated by men. The Driver Ben initiative, driven by the Janvikas and Aazaad foundation, is empowering women in Ahmedabad to become skilled drivers of both two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

Mainly coming from less privileged economic backgrounds in the city, these women have embraced this career path to support their families and education. A source of immense pride and inspiration is the news that six women from this group have been selected to travel to Hungary and take the wheel of heavy vehicles. Among them, Deepali Parmar, Rekha Kahar, Gulnaz Pathan, Rajani Rajput, Bharati Thakor, and Sneha Purohit have been chosen to participate in this groundbreaking initiative.

From Ahmedabad to Europe

Hungary has been grappling with a significant labor shortage in recent years, prompting a Hungarian company to seek out Indian women to fill the gap in lorry drivers. The Non-Traditional Livelihood Network is leading the effort by scouting for skilled women drivers in India, including those from Ahmedabad. After rigorous training in Bangalore, these women are poised to embark on a transformative journey to Europe, where they will assume the roles of commercial drivers, steering trucks and heavy vehicles with confidence.

Beyond the professional opportunities, these women will also attain the privilege of a commercial license to operate in Europe. Transitioning from an average income of Rs 15,000 in Ahmedabad to an estimated Rs 1.5 lakh per month in Europe, they are not only empowering themselves but also making substantial contributions to the well-being of their families back home.

Following a comprehensive six-month training program, the group is scheduled to undergo an essential road safety course in Delhi in September. Upon reaching Hungary, they will further adapt to the right-hand drive system, showcasing their adaptability and determination to excel in new environments.

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