Sippin' through summer: Classic summer drinks to cool down in Ahmedabad

Sippin' through summer: Classic summer drinks to cool down in Ahmedabad

Hold our Keri no Ras!

When the sun is scorching, the heat's turned up, and you're practically melting in Ahmedabad's summer furnace, there's one superhero squad ready to save the day: summer drinks! With just one refreshing gulp, you'll be charged up and ready to tackle anything. So, we've hand-picked 7 summer drinks in Ahmedabad that you absolutely must savour, this season!

Keri no Ras/ Aam Ras

For Indians, summer is synonymous with mango and thando thando Keri no Ras. It's the timeless refresher when the heat hits. Made from ripe mangoes, it's like drinking pure sunshine in a glass! One sip, and you're off on a tropical adventure, leaving the sweat and stress behind.

So, grab a glass, kick back, and let the mango magic whisk you away!

Recommended place: Gopi Dining Hall


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Dive into Faluda – the ultimate heat buster! With its creamy goodness and refreshing flavors, it's like a cool breeze on a scorching summer day. Let its sweet, icy embrace wash over you, melting away the heat and leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Recommended place: Astodia Juice Centre


Say cheers to tradition with a tall glass of Lassi, in this summer heat. Whether you prefer it sweet or salty, this yoghurt-based drink is a cooling agent on a hot Ahmedabad day. So let the creamy goodness coat your palate, soothing you from the inside out.

Recommended place: Chhashwala, Jassi de Parathe


Keep your cool with Thandai – the perfect summer chill pill! As you sip on its nutty richness and fragrant aroma, it's like an escape from the summer season. Let its chilled embrace transport you to a world of relaxation, even in the hottest of days!

Recommended place: Farki

Aam Panna

Quench your thirst and chill out with Aam Panna – a burst of summer in a glass! With its tangy twist and refreshing zest, it's the perfect antidote to the heatwave. Take a sip and feel the cool rush of mango magic, energizing your body and taste buds with its fruity goodness.

Recommended place: Mocha cafe



Treat yourself to a creamy delight with Milkshakes from Girish Cold Drinks! Choose from classic flavors like rich chocolate, velvety vanilla or maybe refreshing mango for a taste of nostalgia that'll take you back to your childhood and beat the heatwave blues!

Recommended place: Girish Cold drinks

Fruity Punches & Chilled Ice Lattes/Tea

How can we forget the Fruity Punches, a concoction of fruity goodness ready to party on your taste buds?! And if you're feeling extra chill, snag a Chilled Ice Latte or Tea. Creamy, dreamy, and oh-so-refreshing, they're like a mini vacation in a cup, perfect hanging out with friends under the sun.

Recommended place: Kaffa cafe

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