Starting your own food business? Gurubhai Equipments is the one-stop kitchen setup solution!

Starting your own food business? Gurubhai Equipments is the one-stop kitchen setup solution!

From kitchen equipment and machinery to furniture, crockery, cutlery and utensils – you name it, they have it all - new, pre-owned and refurbished!

Launching a culinary business is an exciting venture, but the journey often starts with a daunting task – sourcing essential equipment and machinery for the kitchen- the key component to any such voyage. Dealing with multiple vendors can be a time-consuming and costly challenge. But imagine a single solution which simplifies it all.

Here's where Gurubhai Equipments comes in. They've been a renowned name in Gujarat for the past decade — making waves by helping countless cafes, restaurants, cloud kitchens, resorts, street food stalls and dhabas seamlessly set up their own places.

The story behind Gurubhai

The journey of Gurubhai Equipments began with Vishal Vora, who started his own restaurant consulting firm. He assisted aspiring restaurant owners in every aspect of their venture, from selecting the location to hiring architects and sourcing equipment and furniture.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous eateries needed to sell their entire setups. Gurubhai Equipments started buying them and soon they also embarked on manufacturing, expanding their reach not only across India but also globally. Today, Vishal Vora is known as the renowned Gurubhai, a name synonymous with culinary success in Gujarat.

What sets Gurubhai Equipments apart?

In a city where new restaurants, cafes and eating joints open daily, many also face the unfortunate reality of closing down. When faced with the task of disposing of kitchen equipment and utensils during such times, Gurubhai Equipments steps in as a guiding support.

They not only offer the essential equipment to start your culinary venture but also provide the option to purchase used ones when and if you're ready to bid farewell to yours. This unique service alleviates the burden of managing surplus kitchen equipment, ensuring a smooth transition for restaurateurs and culinary enthusiasts alike.

By offering to buy your used kitchen setups, they not only provide financial relief but also promote sustainable practices in the food industry.

Your one-stop destination for culinary adventures

Gurubhai Equipments not only provide equipment but also serves as your expert guide throughout the entire process of setting up your cafe or restaurant kitchen, offering specialised solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you require machinery, furniture, crockery, cutlery, or utensils, their comprehensive inventory includes new, pre-owned and refurbished options.

Gurubhai offers complete setups starting at Rs 25,000 for roadside counters, Rs 1.5 lakhs for dhabas, and Rs 2.5 lakhs for cafes.

Furthermore, if you close your culinary business, Gurubhai simplifies the process by handling the sale of your used setup, taking away the stress off your shoulders!

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