Take a breather at THIS 'mini jungle' of Ahmedabad - Symphony Forest Park

Take a breather at THIS 'mini jungle' of Ahmedabad - Symphony Forest Park

This Forest Garden abounds with tree canopies, winding nature trails, a pond, and more!

Ever wish you could escape the shor of city life for a day surrounded by nature – maybe in a forest or by a serene lake with blooming flowers? Finding time for that in our busy schedules can be tough. But what if I told you about a forest garden right in the heart of Ahmedabad that offers a slice of all these experiences?

Head straight to Symphony Forest Park, a Municipal Garden developed in 2020. Picture this: a lush green canopy of trees, charming nature trails, a pond with a picturesque bridge, and beautifully landscaped greenery. Sounds like the perfect spot for a picnic or a peaceful reading session, doesn't it?

A little jungle in the city!

A project by AMC, the park is teeming with over 300 local plant species, some of which are rare and hold medicinal and ecological significance. If you have an interest in such things, you're in for an enlightening experience!

The park boasts a tranquil lake surrounded by lotus flowers, creating a picturesque view. The lake has become a home for local fishes and turtles, contributing to a harmonious ecosystem. Whether you prefer reading by the shore or taking a leisurely stroll, the park caters to all preferences.

A standout feature is the network of trails winding through trees and plants, equipped with signboards and benches for moments of relaxation. Informational boards about various trees are scattered around, offering an educational twist to your exploration.

As a cherry on top, the park houses an inbuilt amphitheater at one corner, altering the landscape to accommodate larger groups for gatherings. So, if you're yearning for a nature-filled escape within the city limits, Symphony Forest Park might just be the sanctuary you've been searching for!

Location: Off SG Highway, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad

Timing: 6 AM to 7 PM

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