Take a historical getaway from Ahmedabad to Champaner on your weekend off!

Take a historical getaway from Ahmedabad to Champaner on your weekend off!

Bogged down with work? Need some time off? Leave for a weekend getaway from Ahmedabad to Champaner and visit some breathtaking sites!

Living in Ahmedabad sure becomes hectic, and all one looks forward to is the next weekend, lazing around at home. Literally you, right? This weekend, why not plan a getaway from Ahmedabad to Champaner? If it is history that intrigues you, then this is the perfect getaway spot!

Situated just 146 kms from the city center, Champaner is paradise for those who immersed in architecture. Here, revel in the feeling of solace as you bask in the presence of marvels that have endured the test of time. So, here are a few places that are worth their weight in gold when it comes to the wow factor.

Pavagadh Fort

Situated atop Pavagadh Hill, the Pavagadh Fort is one of the oldest archeological spots in Champaner. From the fort itself, one can witness some truly majestic views of the Pavagadh Hill. There are multiple structures of spiritual origin within the Pavagadh Fort, which are open to the public.

Tomb of Sikander Shah


The tomb of Sikander Shah is another must-visit spot in Champaner, as it it directly linked to the history of the place. The then ruler of Champaner, Sikander Shah was assassinated by Imad-ul-Mulk in 1526 AD and was buried at this site alongside his two brothers. Upon close inspection, one can see beautiful craftsmanship in the form of stone structures and the fluted domes.

Kewada Masjid

The Kevada Masjid is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and truly a wonder to behold. The mosque was built during the rule of Mahmud Begada, between 1458 AD & 1511 AD. It sets itself apart from other mosques such as the Nagina, Khajuri, Bawaman and many more, thanks to its breathtaking mausoleum.

Kalika Mata Temple

The Kalika Mata temple is situated on the summit of the Pavagad hill, approximately 800 m above sea level. The temple dates back to the 10th-11th century, effectively making it the oldest in the area. Getting here is fun as one can take a 5 km walk through a jungle foothpath. Head over for a serene vibe and sublime views from the peak.

Helical Stepwell

The Helical Stepwell is situated on the outskirts of Champaner. It was constructed around the 16th century, and was likely created to provide water to the locals and occasional travellers who may be passing by. Sadly, the stepwell is no longer functional due to the receding water table. Back in the olden days, this stepwell would provide fresh groundwater, and was surrounded by a grove of trees, encircling it.

Knock Knock

This is a sign to put that laptop away, pack yo bags, and head to Champaner! A weekend of relaxing and taking in the sights is certainly an upgrade from the monotonous "Netflix and Chill"ing on your off days. So take the opportunity and go on much needed trip to rejuvenate yourself.

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