The finest of music by the beauty of heritage: Don't Miss the Water Festival at Adalaj Ni Vaav!

The finest of music by the beauty of heritage: Don't Miss the Water Festival at Adalaj Ni Vaav!

Scheduled for 25th Nov., this event will deliver a performance by tabla maestro Fazal Qureshi and many other talented artists right to our doorstep.

Crraft of Art is on a mission to draw the people of Ahmedabad, particularly the youth, to the city's historic monuments while treating us to an evening of the finest Indian music and artists.

They're back this year, and the venue is the enchanting Adalaj Ni Vaav. The Water Festival, a free event open to all, promises a mesmerizing performance by tabla maestro Fazal Qureshi on November 25th. It's an experience you won't want to miss!

Know all about the event! 

Sponsored by Gujarat Tourism, this gala event will feature performances by renowned artists, including tabla maestro Fazal Qureshi. The event, hosted by the acclaimed Gujarati actor Pratik Gandhi, will showcase the talents of drummer Ranjit Barot, mandolin player U Rajesh, kanjira player V Selva Ganesh, guitarist and composer Sanjay Divecha, bass player Sheldon D’Silva, and singer Prithvi Gandharv. Adding to the allure, the evening will include a special performance by nagada players from Pushkar, led by Nathulal Solanki.

So, mark your calendars for November 25th, as this three-hour extravaganza unfolds, promising an evening of musical brilliance against the backdrop of lit up Adalaj Ni Vaav.

The entry is open and free for all, with registration available through Book My Show.

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Future events

As part of their broader initiative, Crraft of Art will also organize festivals at Champaner and Dholavira—World UNESCO Heritage sites—following this spectacular event. Join them for an enchanting fusion of heritage and melody!

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